Top Breathwork Events This Week

June 12 – 18
  • Saturday Jun 17| Bentonville

    Breathwork & Cold Plunge with Dr. Justin Ternes

    This guided breathwork and cold exposure workshop is designed to reach deeper states of presence and meditation, leading to stress reduction, improved focus, and peak performance. Dr. Ternes uses his experience …
  • Sunday Apr 23| Long Beach

    Breath Of Life Breathwork

    BREATH OF LIFE: Breathwork  Our Breath is a powerful unifier. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or your circumstances; you can access your breath to greatly improve your daily life. The benefits …
  • Sunday Jun 18| Long Beach

    Souls Breathwork

    Experience the power and transformation that only breathwork can provide. Ready for a change? Open to a powerful experience? Whether you’re a Himalayan monk with lifetimes as a yogi, or if this is your …
  • Saturday Jun 17| Manhattan Beach

    beach breathwork: soul resilience… (sat. 6/17/23 in person)

    When: Saturday June 17, 2023 @9:30am-12:00pm Exchange :: $65 Where: 7th street Manhattan Beach, walk down to the sand, there will be a little hut on the sand to your right, (the public restrooms) and you …
  • Wednesday May 31| Beverly Hills

    Release + Re-Inspire Breathwork

    Tap into the power of breath to clear out and express emotions, stress or trauma. Then reconnect with your heart and soul so that you are clear and connected to your purpose. You don’t have to hold …
  • Sunday Jun 18| Online

    BREATHWORK Self Care Sundays Online Group Breathwork Session

    WE HEAL IN COMMUNITY Creating and adhering to a self care practice on your own can be challening but cming togethe in a loving and suportive group envirorment can mae it so much easier. Learn and grow …

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