Breath Of Life Breathwork

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BREATH OF LIFE: Breathwork 

Our Breath is a powerful unifier. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or your circumstances; you can access your breath to greatly improve your daily life. The benefits of Transformational breathwork: 

BODY – Improves energy levels, Stimulates circulation, and stress reduction

MIND – Reduces anxiety, clears past traumas, and increases joy in the mind

SPIRIT – Strengthens the connection with the divine within, expands awareness, and allows a fuller expression of love. 

By accessing this state of consciousness, you can find new perspectives, shift old, deep-seated patterns, and fly away with renewed energy and direction. I work to create a safe container of love and support while you breathe. Every session begins with a gratitude practice and ends with affirmations and a time to reflect on your experience.

How to prepare:

  • Showing up with a willingness to surrender to the experience.
  • Best on an empty stomach.
  • A comfortable place to lay flat (no large pillow under the head)
  • Comfortable clothes, a blanket, & an eye mask.
  • ‘Sacred Scream’ Pillow

For your session, my top priority is for you to be as comfortable as possible. Bring whatever you feel would build your “perfect nest.” Yoga mat, blanket, etc. (Bolsters are provided for in-person classes)


“This was my first ever breathwork session & admittedly, it took several minutes for my body to find it’s rhythm but once it did the magic started to happen. I felt energized & proud of myself that I was doing it! My body released without hesitation. my body let go of deeply stored traumas & emotional wounds that I have been actively healing for the past two years!” – Sanja O (Owner of Kevala Ayurveda) 

“This is more than a class, it’s therapy. . . I didn’t expect to break down crying. I felt this tingling sensation around my heart and I pressed in and the tears just flowed.” – Jess M

“Wow! I feel so euphoric. I felt my resistance come up. I felt when I was in my heart vs. my head. I felt a connection to my body. I cried at the end. I felt completely safe. You’re anointed for this!! I’ve never felt like this before. I want more!” – Brandy C

“It was something I’ve never experienced before. I found myself feeling sensations in my body that demanded me to be fully present. A powerful experience that I’ve already recommended to many of my friends.” – GianCarlo A

Anthony Badami

Certified Revolution Breathwork Facilitator ***Please consult your doctor if you have a history of: Cardiovascular Disease, Angina, Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Glaucoma, Retinal Detachment, Osteoporosis, Recent Injury or Surgery, History of Panic Attacks or Psychosis, Severe Mental Illness, Seizure Disorders, Family History of Aneurisms or are Pregnant or Breastfeeding.