How to Manage Stress Through the Akashic Records

This article was written by community partner Krista Rauschenberg of Akashic Glow


In our modern society, stress is more prevalent than ever before.  It’s a silent driving force, a badge of honor and a currency that dictates how engaged, driven, successful and important we are.  What’s worse is that we’ve accepted this to be true and even invited it in.  In doing so, we engage in auxiliary behaviors to support the flow of stress that as a society we have become addicted to.  Behaviors that include but are not limited to, the constant engagement of smart phones, the competitive nature of social media, the perfectionism that comes along with it, demanding work, family, travel, and social schedules.

Given the demands we put on ourselves, it’s obvious we are addicted to the drug of stress.  

This grim picture is a realistic one for many of us.  So, what do we do about it?  How do we best care for our physical, energetic and spiritual bodies?  How do we live in the world AND have a full and rich human experience that includes balance and harmony rather than the destructive chaos of stress? 


So much of our self-worth is tied to how well we perform.  How much we can do in a day.  How “good” and “capable” we are in life.  This type of perspective and the energy it creates can run us into the ground if we are not careful.  Personal responsibility and taking an honest inventory of how we are caring for and treating ourselves plays a key role in our health and wellness.   Are we taking adequate time to wind down at night with a routine that effectively tells our minds and bodies that they can stop working at full capacity or are we downing a few glasses of wine and hoping that stops the vicious cycle.  Are we getting true regenerative sleep or are we taking a pill to knock us out every night?

As adults, no one is going to knock on our bedroom door and lovingly tell us to turn off the TV/phone/computer and go to bed.  That is our job and how well we do that provides a huge indication of how our bodies will feel the next day, and beyond.  We are an addicted society living in an addicted world.  Once we admit that and examine the mechanisms we have put in place, in order to cope and/or keep up, we will be on our way to liberating ourselves from the brutal grind some of us find ourselves in.  


Sometimes the answers are right in front of our face…literally.  It starts with our breath.  When we experience stress our body’s natural reaction is to raise adrenaline levels, shift to shallow breathing and speed the heart rate in the event that we need to flee.  Once adrenaline is released, it can take hours for our bodies to metabolize the chemical cocktail associated and return to a natural and relaxed state.  Focusing on our breath can signal to the body, and more importantly the sympathetic nervous system that we are not in danger and allow us to step away from the fight or flight response.  Elite Athletes, Navy Seals and many performance-based professionals use intentional breathing as an effective measure to regulate their stress levels and the release of stress hormones.  


Sometimes it’s the questions that cause us stress, big and little life questions ranging from: 

  • What is my purpose?
  • Why do I keep failing at love, work, and life?  
  • Why is my health an issue?  
  • Why can’t I find harmony with my family, my career, within myself?  Why do I feel the way I do?  
  • What am I not seeing?  
  • What am I not feeling?  
  • What do I need to do to change my life, my direction, my level of success?  
  • How can I help myself?  

Everyone has an Akashic Record.  A library of information going back to the inception of the individual’s soul.  Access to the Akashic realm is access to the individual’s Master’s, Teachers and Loved Ones.  The Masters being a body of energy that have been with your soul energy from the very beginning so they hold a vast amount of knowledge that can be invaluable to understanding who we are and why we are here.  Or better yet, why we have chosen to be here.  

Answers provide relief.  Answers can illuminate a path…a path to a purpose.  Understanding your soul’s purpose can alleviate the questions of “what’s the point?”  “What am I doing wrong?”  “Why does this keep happening to me?” and “What is the lesson in all of this?”  

Speaking to your Master’s, Teachers, and Loved Ones, enables you to tap into their perspective and access their purview, providing an incredible advantage. The clarity you can gain helps you prioritize and place things in their proper perspective, giving you permission to release the unnecessary stressors in your life. 

Living in the bubble of the body, there is so much we cannot see.  Being disconnected from our feelings doesn’t allow us the clarity so many of us seek.  Imagine leaving your body and speaking directly to the wisdom of your soul.  Accessing the unique information that you seek and creating a deeper relationship to this part of yourself.  Obtaining the knowledge you lack, allowing you to steady yourself and walk your path with dignity and grace.  

It’s an incredible experience that heightens the amazing adventure we call life. 


My work as a healer has emerged from hundreds of hours of certified training, spiritual initiations, direct experience, and deep personal work.  I have been employed in the healing arts as a Postpartum Doula, an Advanced Akashic Reader, an Akashic Breathwork Practitioner and a Sound Therapy Practitioner; facilitating and educating people throughout their personal, spiritual and healing journeys.  

Working with individuals, couples and corporations and their Akashic Records and with the medium of Akashic Breathwork is a privilege. Through this work I have witnessed genuine transformation in people’s lives as it provides release, reform, answers, information, support and direction that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The scope of which extends to life and spiritual guidance for those who seek deeper awareness, gentle transformation, personal and professional growth and wisdom.

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