beach breathwork: soul resilience… (sat. 6/17/23 in person)

about this event

When: Saturday June 17, 2023 @9:30am-12:00pm

Exchange :: $65

Where: 7th street Manhattan Beach, walk down to the sand, there will be a little hut on the sand to your right, (the public restrooms) and you will find us there

Workshop Description ::

When we hit challenging moments, when things get tough we want to get to the other side. It doesn’t feel good to sit in darkness so of course you want to get through this hard thing and not sit in the devastation.

Yes that might be true, AND it is also true that we are not taught to sit in our pain. In this world full of action, a world where marketing “solves” all our problems, or tells us we have problems we didn’t know we had, where loved ones want to fix our heartache, it’s all too easy to find yourself pushing forward into the light. I understand why too, the light feels good on your skin, the light is happy, the light is where we see, and feel expansive joy. But what we forget to honor is that the darkness is where we learn to see the unseen. It’s where we learn to trust in the resilience of our souls to get through. It’s where we learn we don’t have to hide. We forget that the darkness has its own teachings and though they might feel harder, darker, more painful, they are just as important as getting to the light.

When my head and my heart were not aligned, when my mind was saying, we’re there, say your goodbyes so you can say new hello’s. But my heart was saying – we can see that there is a there to get to, we can see that it is possible and we believe in its potency but we don’t know how to say hello to it yet. I closed my eyes and tried to see through the confusion. I started hearing the begging whispers as though they were shouting – let us sit in this goodbye a little longer. And so I sat. I sat and I breathed and softly in the middle of my practice my heart and my mind aligned and I heard – we are here and in this place where the hellos and goodbyes are the same thing.

When I say the hellos and goodbyes are the same I mean we are one energy, and that is the same energy that holds us through both the painful moments and the joyful moments. The same energy that holds us through rising challenges is the same energy that holds us through the steady sunshine. The same energy that holds our hand through the challenging initiations is the same energy that walks with you through the sunkissed moments.

You don’t need to worry over your wounds in order to heal them and see who you’re becoming. You acknowledge them, honor them and keep on becoming in this moment, and this moment because you are already in the becoming. The entirety of your identity does not depend on but is large enough to include your wounds, large enough to include your goodbyes and your hellos, your sunshine and your darkness.

Let’s gather together to remind ourselves of our oneness. To be in deeper relationship with ourselves. To create space for our heads and our hearts to align if they are ready to do so. To allow the darkness to teach us the unseen and learn to trust in the resilience of our souls. May we move with the breath.

In this gathering we will do something active to remind your body that you alive, but not so active that your body thinks there is anything you must do with the feeling other than breathe.  We will move slowly, moving with the knowledge of how to fall and with the information that our hellos can also be our goodbyes.

This workshop will include Breathwork, an active Meditation, Meditation, Intuitive Coaching and Community Connection.

What to bring:

– a notebook to write in and a pen

– yourself, and your open mind

– a mask, and a commitment to wear masks (likely will take masks off depending on comfort of the group and keeping some space between people)

– a yoga mat if you have one (this helps with sand if it’s wet from morning dew or winter storms)

– TWO blankets (one to lay on and one for over you)

– Dress comfortably (there is minimal shade at the beach so dress accordingly)

Notes ::

7th street Manhattan Beach, walk down to the sand, there will be a little hut on the sand to your right, (the public restrooms) and you will find us there.

parking can be tricky down at the beach, the meters are old and only take coins, so plan accordingly, or you can park a little higher in residential streets. My tip is always 1st street and Highland or Manhattan Ave, and walking over.

*All Beach Breathwork circle’s are subject to weather. No refunds or cancellations. We will move this container to the online space in case of weather.

What you agree to by signing up:

– signing a Patient Consent Form prior to the workshop as passed out by Jenna Reiss from Jenna Reiss LLC.

– signing a Covid waiver which we all know and love by now, as passed out by Jenna Reiss from Jenna Reiss LLC.

– voicing to practitioner if you are vaccinated or not

What is Breathwork ::

Breathwork is a 2-step active breathing technique that moves stagnant energy in the body. This practice can leave you feeling open and more ready to step into life as your authentic, natural self. If you’re interested in learning more, I’ve written an article about Breathwork here: