Guided Conscious Breathwork – Private 1:1 Session (1 Hour, Virtual)

about this event

 In this 60 minute private breathwork session we’ll use Conscious Connected Breath (a specific breathing technique which I’ll walk you through) to enter a relaxed state of consciousness. In this state it’s possible to access deep healing, release trapped emotions, experience enhanced creativity & intuition. The journey can be physical, spiritual, and/or emotional; alternately you may just have a nourishing and relaxing self-care break.

A Breathing Patterns Breathwork Journey is a safe and gentle process that encourages the exploration and release of emotions. It is suitable for almost all people, you will be in control of how deep you choose to go at all times. We will discuss what it is that you’re looking for in a session- some possibilities include focusing on a specific intention, enhancing creativity, working through trauma/traumatic experiences, working through emotions, accessing spirit guides, reducing stress/anxiety, and so much more. Breathwork can be done with or without music, I will guide and support you through the entire experience. 

Breathwork is held online via zoom, it is also possible to book in person if you’re in the NYC area- please contact for more info. Sessions are completely private and can be 1:1 or with your group. If a date or time you’d like isn’t listed please get in touch! 

I offer various workshops & events in NYC/virtually, at different price points. Find me on IG @breathingpatternsNYC or sign up for my newsletter to find out more!