YDM Rounding Retreat – Non Residential

about this event

Please pay through Venmo a $200 non-refundable deposit upon signing up: https://venmo.com/u/YashodaDeviMa

A non-residental retreat weekend for local vedic meditators (existing rounders). It will be a time to dive deeper, slow down, go inward, reset the nervous system and reflect mindfully.

These weekends are for you to carve out a “dive deep’, connect to the source of all thought, remove what’s limiting and nourish yourself; your soul.

Rent an airbnb or stay home and attend via zoom.

The format of the weekend will be:

Friday – Prepare on your own at your home

a.m. practice 10 mins Breathwork + Meditation & evening fat round, early to bed (Sama Veda)

Saturday + Sunday – in studio

Regular Meditation, rest + lite breakfast (at your own home)

9:30a arrive at YDM + set up your rounding station

10-11a: Guided Round

11a- Noon: Round 2

Noon-12:30p: lunch

12:30-1:30p: Advanced Knowledge Meeting

1:30-2p: Walk outside

2-3p: Guided Round

3-4p: Round 4

4-4:30p: Silent Reflection + Free Writing

4:30-5p: Closing Circle

Nourish yourself with grounding food, hot bath, oil body, early night (sama veda)

Monday – Seal the weekend on your own at home

on your own, a.m. Fat Round & evening 10 mins Breathwork + Meditation

Pre-requisite: 4-Day Intro to Vedic Meditation + Rounding Workshop

$850 in person

$850 via zoom

*in-person covid test is required 48 hrs prior to (message info@ydmmeditation.com for free testing site)

Payments made via venmo: www.venmo.com/ydmmeditation or with a 3% fee paypal.me/ydmmeditation

This all in the time zone of DENVER, CO USA – check your time zone difference