This Week’s Top 5 Online Conscious Events

May 22 – 28
  • Thursday May 25| Online

    Quantum Human Design: Remembering Your Purpose + Fulfilling Your Destiny

    Human Design contains a prophecy for the future of the world. As we grow and change, the Human Design chart, our human energy “blueprint,” is also changing. War, extreme weather events, pandemics, …
  • Tuesday May 30| New York City

    Microdosing 101

    There is a groundswell of interest to learn about the medicinal benefits that can be derived from micro-dosing plants & mushrooms. Here is an ideal opportunity to learn, ask questions, and become more …
  • Saturday May 27| Online

    Intro To Tarot Workshop

    Have you been interested in learning more about the Tarot but are unsure where to start? This Intro to Tarot workshop is perfect for the beginner who is just getting started in their tarot journey. In …
  • Thursday May 11| Online

    Mayan Cosmovisión and Western Astrology Series: Observing the Trecena

    Welcome to a new series of virtual gatherings where we will be weaving the Mayan Cosmovision and Western astrological perspective. Having studied western astrology for almost a decade and now the Mayan …
  • Sunday Apr 26| Los Angeles

    Ayurvedic Tips for Better Digestive Health

    Ayurveda, the sister of Yoga is one of the worlds’ oldest traditional systems of medicine with a history of more than 5000 years. Ayurveda believes that most diseases emerge due to the malfunction …

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