Quantum Human Design: Remembering Your Purpose + Fulfilling Your Destiny

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Human Design contains a prophecy for the future of the world. As we grow and change, the Human Design chart, our human energy “blueprint,” is also changing.

War, extreme weather events, pandemics, and economic fears; right now, the entire world looks and feels unstable.

Scientists and Systems Theorists proclaim we’re at the outer edge of a growth cycle. We cannot continue doing things the same way we have been without dire consequences. But no one is talking about what to do in the face of these consequences and our current crises.

The Wild Ones are proud to present Human Design expert Karen Curry Parker and her incredibly compelling workshop as we dive into the essential questions of this moment.

  • Are we really doomed, or is it finally time to rebuild the world in the ways we’ve always dreamed of?
  • What if it’s finally time for you to share your knowledge and wisdom?
  • What if this is the moment you choose to claim your inherent power?
  • What if it’s time to take your place in leading humanity to create a world that serves everyone?

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If you’re reading this right now, it is your time to lead.

In order to take your place in creating the fulfillment of the future you will learn to:

  • Clear ancestral programming that keeps you fearful and defensive
  • Remember exactly how to create what you want
  • Stay connected to your Heart even when things around you don’t reflect Truth
  • Understand symptoms of change and respond with calmness and deliberateness
  • Leverage fear and harness the creative power of your emotional wisdom
  • Actualize the ability to nurture yourself consistently, so you stay resilient
  • Align your body with higher frequencies
  • Know exactly how to regulate the energy in the room so that people turn to you for guidance and leadership

To do all these, you need to understand exactly what’s changing in the Human Design chart and how it impacts your chart, energy, and, ultimately, the world.

In this workshop, Karen Curry Parker is going to tell you what’s really up on planet Earth with the Solar Plexus Mutation. Trust me; there is far more to be happy about and hopeful toward than we’ve been led to believe!

Love for Karen♡

“The last two days have been like magic for me. I felt submerged in the nuances that enhanced what I knew, that created an anchor of confidence for where I am in my business right now.” -Jen

“I am so grateful to Karen Curry Parker for the work she has been devoted to for over two decades now and I feel privileged to receive the blessings of all the hard and passionate work over the years along with the whole team. Simply a wonderful journey that is getting better with each step.” -Lisa

“I wanted to take a moment to thank Karen, her entire team, and everyone at the intensive. The things I learned, the things that clicked, the things I stumbled over and the energy in the community made this one of the best healing and learning experiences I’ve ever had. I am lighter.” -Daniel

Guest Expert ✦ Karen Curry Parker


Karen Curry Parker is a true visionary. She is a TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and the creator of Quantum Human Design™ and the Quantum Alignment System™. Her core mission is to help people reconnect with their original creativity and teach them how to consciously use language and narrative to increase their vitality and well-being and gain control over their lives.

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