Mayan Cosmovisión and Western Astrology Series: Observing the Trecena

about this event

Welcome to a new series of virtual gatherings where we will be weaving the Mayan Cosmovision and Western astrological perspective. Having studied western astrology for almost a decade and now the Mayan Cosmovision and Chol’qij calendar of the Kiche tradition at Lake Atitlán the last few years, I have been blown away by the synchronicities between these two systems. Two civilizations oceans away that observed and honored the same night sky. 

In the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar, which is the ceremonial and spiritual 260 day calendar, there are 13 day periods called trecenas that are guided by one of the 20 nahuales or star essences. The trecenas are related to the moon as we have 13 moons in a year, both in the sky and for people with uteruses. On the first day of each trecena we will gather to discuss the Nahual that will be guiding this time period, the current moon phase and zodiac sign in the western astrological perspective, and any major astrological aspects going on that day. We will end our time with a group Reiki healing experience, invoking the cosmic and earth energies that are present from our discussion. By honoring the cosmos and ancestral wisdom, we honor the cyclical nature of our existence in earth, living in a more equanimous and reverent way in service to ourselves and the collective ✨🌿🌕 Optional invitation to pull up with a cup of ceremonial cacao for our gathering as it is a sacred and integral plant ally to the Maya tradition.


May 24th ✣ June 6th ✣ June 19th ✣ July 2nd ✣ July 15th ✣ July 28th

Dates will be updated on an ongoing basis

This is a donation based event. 10% of sales of each gathering will be donated to MAIA Impact based in Guatemala.

From their website: “MAIA is an organization led by Indigenous women for Indigenous women. MAIA is empowering generations of young women through a holistic educational model with an equal focus on academics, culture and identity, socioemotional intelligence, personal development, and family engagement that together are key to creating a generation of empowered female leaders who will lead systemic change.”

Meet your Guide Samantha:

Samantha is the creator of Hands of Mercury, sharing personal and group offerings that empower your unique journey,affirm your own intuitive nature,and assist your most authentic self forward to the community and the earth. As an astrologer, intuitive guide, and ceremonialist, she is passionate about the power of storytelling, ancestral healing, indigenous wisdom, and intentional gathering to inspire personal growth & collective progress. She has provided Tarot and Astrology readings for one on one clients, retreats, corporate functions, parties, and entertainment industry folk in Los Angeles for close to a decade now. 

She started her Reiki journey in 2018 and is attuned to Reiki level 3 from Santa Monica College/ Dr. Laura Luna with additional attunements from Aki Hirata Baker and Manu Del Prete of Minka Brooklyn,. Trained at 200 Hour Level Yoga, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and has studied under Mayan spiritual guides Tata Izaias and Nana Izabel in the Mayan Cosmovision, Cacao cultivation and process, and ceremonial etiquette. Learn more and connect on @hands.of.mercury