Burning Man Loses a Beloved Art Car

I’ve spent many a perfect sunrise dancing at the Mayan Warrior. You could spot its sparkling triangle from afar, as a beacon. I knew I could always find a powerful sound system, a friend or three and a world class DJ.

The Mayan Warrior has been a beloved fixture of the Burning Man festival since 2012. This iconic art car, renowned for its elaborate Mayan-inspired design, has given more than sunrise sets to burners. It has toured consistently through Central and North America, and even Europe, raising funds for Planet Buyback, a charitable initiative focused on conservation efforts in Mexico and beyond.

In an Instagram post today, Mayan Warrior founder Pablo González Vargas shared the sad news that his art car was destroyed by fire while traveling to a fundraiser in Punta Mita.

Mayan Warrior was never just an art car to us – it was countless moments of laughter, wonder, tears, dancing, and connection. It left with it a beautiful trail of lifelong friendships for which we feel extraordinarily grateful. Regardless of the next chapter, I know that the soul of our Mayan Warrior art car lives in us, eternally ❤️

– Pablo González Vargas

Listen for a taste of the talent that played aboard the Mayan Warrior:

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