Taurus Season 2023: Insights & Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

This article was written by community partner Samantha Melitta of Hands of Mercury

While Taurus is an earthy zodiac sign known for bringing the chill vibes and charcuterie board to the party, this Taurus season is trying to keep up with its chaotic house guests: Mercury Rx, eclipse season, and Uranus.

Taurus is our first earth sign in the zodiacal order. We move from the fiery and initiatory sparks of Aries season into the practical and grounded energy of Taurus. Taurus season is all about slowing down and gathering the material resources we need to progress the vision of Aries from the imaginal realm into the physical realm. The sign of the bull is ruled by Venus, who enjoys the sensual pleasures of life and connection to the earth through plants, flowers, food, and animals in this springtime sign. This is also a fixed sign, meaning it is a sign that exudes consistency, stability, stubbornness, and loyalty. Fellow astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat perfectly captures in her article How Other People See Taurus the essence of this sign: “It’s impossible for a Taurus to change without changing all of themselves. This is why they are so impacted by change. They feel the heaviness. They tend to sit on change, thinking it over, and when they are ready to move they do it all at once. They don’t wait or move little by little.” So while Taurus season is usually a time for enjoying the simple, stable, and slow pleasures of life, we will not be truly sipping on the Taurean spa water until the last week of the season around May 15 – 20th

This season started out right on the heels of a new moon Aries eclipse on April 19th, as well as a Sun Pluto square off. Feeling triggered or threatened can be key themes when Pluto and Mars are in the mix. Eclipse season brings us roughly two weeks that are defined by erratic and unpredictable energy where life is bringing us major shifts in power, as well as abrupt beginnings or endings concerning career, relationships, health, and more. The next eclipse will be on May 5th, a full moon eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. This eclipse finalizes the major deaths and transformations we have encountered for the last year while the south node has traversed the waters of Scorpio. Adding a dash of cosmic confusion to this cocktail is the Mercury retrograde that began on the 21st. Mercury will be revising and reworking our Taurus house specifically between 15-5° until May 14th. Last but not least, the sun will mark its annual meetup with Uranus, planet of rebellion and shock, on May 9th. Talk about some active astrology!

How can we navigate this Taurus season amidst this sea of change and non-linear happenings? With Mercury Rx milling about, the advice stands to hold off on any major mechanical and technological purchases, travel plans, and contracts. Eclipse season is also a time where we should surrender more and initiate less. This is a potent portal where life is playing Tetris, shifting and rotating pieces of our life in ways that won’t make much sense to us for at least a few weeks, if not up to six months or more. It is best to let go of expectations for now and lean into your favorite self-care rituals at this time. Jot down those challenging feelings in your journal, enjoy your local slice of nature, and steer away from making assumptions and stories about your present moment and about others in your life. 

A celestial gift awaits us at the end of Taurus season! Having crossed the threshold of another eclipse season and Mercury Rx, we are greeted on May 16th with the arrival of Jupiter into Taurus. Jupiter in the astrological tradition is the planet of expansion, wisdom, faith, and blessings. This year long transit can signal a time where more harmony with the natural world and our sensual, abundant selves is possible. The Taurus house of our natal chart is set to receive a blessing and more friendly guidance in the coming months. After a tumultuous eclipse series in Taurus that has been influenced by Uranus over the last year, Jupiter is a welcome sight in our Taurus house that can reveal to us the silver lining and deeper meaning of all of the upsets and pivots that have come to the Taurus Scorpio axis over the last five years.

You’re invited on May 20th to the Jupiter in Taurus Workshop and Cacao Ceremony. Step into a sacred space where we will uncover the highlights of this yearlong transit, how to best work with this energy according to your rising sign and natal chart, and commune with the sacred plant ally cacao and energy of the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar in ceremony in order to amplify our gratitude and intentions. More details below. 

Taurus Season Horoscopes for Each Rising Sign


This season is all about your identity and sense of direction on your life path. The final Scorpio eclipse is a ripe period for reflection on the relationships and relational habits that have needed to be expelled over the last few years. Jupiter on May 16th expands your aura and opportunities for culinary delights for the next year. You may find yourself effortlessly stepping into the role of the wise guide as well. 


This is your time for rest and solitude. The time for initiating plans and projects comes at the end of May after eclipse season. Reflect on all the major wins of Aries season before rushing to the next or becoming scattered. If you can sit with any grief that comes up this season, you’ll be rewarded with an expanded connection to humanity and your place in the vastness of life when Jupiter enters your 12th house for the next year. 


While eclipse seasons can be draining for you as a moon ruled sign, there is so much to look forward to come end of May with Jupiter moving into your house of hopes and dreams. Taurus season is time for community table dinners, new friends, and letting go of guilt for enjoying life on your terms.


Career and work revisions are in full swing for most of Taurus season. Keep shining and showing your worth in these spaces, even if the workplace becomes chaotic for the next few weeks with eclipse season and Mercury Rx. It pays off when Jupiter enters your house of reputation and awards for the next year. You may end up finding a career coach or mentor during this transit. 


You’re adjusting to eclipse energy in your financial sectors, and the triggering 8th house. It’s okay to keep precious creations private until ready to be revealed. Jupiter is set to expand your global travel abilities for a year on May 16th. Start budgeting for your adventures, and allowing yourself to play with new ideas when it comes to your philosophy on life. 


Lessons on money and self-worth are coming to a close, and you’re now allowing for more surrender when life shifts you around on its own accord. Financial assistance expands for you when Jupiter enters Taurus May 16th and makes meaning of all the challenges surrounding trust and loyalty you have been navigating the last couple of years. 


So you’ve learned that going it alone isn’t going to take you as far as teaming up will for your upcoming boss moves. Two is better than one in both business and love as Jupiter moves into your 7th house on May 16th. A new health chapter is beginning for you as well. Physical and mental vitality are connected dear Scorpio. 


You’re reflecting on all the ways you’ve had to face your self-sabotage habits with the final Scorpio eclipse. Give grace for eclipse season, your time management and health get a super-boost by Jupiter for a year on May 16th. Remember that freedom can be found through discipline, not just spontaneity. 


The scaffolding on your newly re-structured long-term hopes and dreams is soon to come down, ready to be revealed. Some you of may be called to parenthood and family now. Your fertility and creativity are amplified for a year by Jupiter starting May 16th. Taurus season is your leisure season, so let yourself relax and keep business strictly to office hours.  


Home and family have been top of mind, and the energy of ambition and always being “on” has been unappealing as of late. Reconnect with loved ones and enjoy your local haunts this season. You may be inspired to write or communicate in new ways now. Get thee to the pen and paper dear Aquarius.


Saturn has been saddling you with more responsibilities and facial fine lines these days. You’ve been working on better communication skills which soon translate to expanded income opportunities. Enjoy a mini-getaway close by towards the end of this season, you’ve earned it.


This past year has been about deep inner work and letting go of old grudges. This is your abundance season, and Jupiter is set to expand your wallet and self-worth for a year on May 16th. Your visions want to materialize, how can you effectively use your expansive reserve of life force energy to sustain your desires? One strategy is having clear boundaries.  

written by

Samantha Melitta

Hands of Mercury @hands.of.mercury

Samantha created Hands of Mercury out of her passion for the power of storytelling and intentional gathering to inspire personal growth and collective progress. Her mission is to provide personal and group offerings as a multi-disciplinary guide and facilitator for deeper self-inquiry and earth-focused community healing. She has been studying Western Astrology with a Hellenistic focus since 2015. She is a Reiki III practitioner with study through Santa Monica College and Minka Brooklyn, as well as a cacao ceremonialist under the guidance and initiation of Mayan wisdom keepers Tata Izaias and Nana Izabel of San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala.

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