Microdosing 101

about this event

There is a groundswell of interest to learn about the medicinal benefits that can be derived from micro-dosing plants & mushrooms. Here is an ideal opportunity to learn, ask questions, and become more fully acquainted with the options for improving mood, and cognitive health.

Join Lou Sagar, Founder, and CEO of The Alchemist’s Kitchen for a conversation on the essentials for micro-dosing, including intentions, practices for protocols, highlights on research, key influencers, readings, and sampling. Ideal for those who are curious, and seeking options to explore for mental well-being for oneself and family. This is a great meet-up for those of you who are new and curious.

About this event

Microdosing is a practice that yields the best results when it’s done over an extended period of time following a dosing scheme or protocol. The exact effects and results of this practice depend greatly on the person, the source, the quality of the substance, the dosage, and many other personal factors such as one’s intention, expectations, and mindset.

Here at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, we recognize that popular trends are often not fully understood, and require education. We are dedicated to keeping our growing community informed on the facts and the changing landscape in the use of plant medicines for health and healing. By participating in this free event, we intend to inform and engage with the opportunity for attendees to connect with us after the event for private consultations and guidance.

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