Yogananda Fest 2023

about this event

Yogananda Fest is an annual yoga, meditation, and spiritual living festival!

Join us for an inspiring day-long event celebrating and experiencing the teachings of the great Yoga Master, Paramhansa Yogananda.


The vibration of the sound bowls goes inside our inner vibration creating a synergy that moves the energy around. Release tensions and blockages, and experience deep relaxation through this ancient art. 

Inspiring Talks

Enjoy talks in the outdoor plaza by experienced meditators and yoga practitioners on topics like intuition, health, love, and success.  

Yoga Classes

Drop into a guided meditation or yoga class at any time of the day to uplift your consciousness.  

Devotional Music

Enjoy the sounds of devotional chanting on the harmonium and guitar, plus a special live concert (Kirtan) at 4:30PM.  

Food, Art, (& More) Vendors

Browse through indoor and outdoor shops for spiritual attire, meditation props, jewelry, art, and of course- yummy vegetarian food!

About Ananda Los Angeles:


Ananda’s primary goal is to help people achieve Self-realization: a state of consciousness that comes through shedding all outward self-definitions. We practice and share the teachings of Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

All Are Welcome!