Strong Like A Mama Los Angeles

about this event

 HeyMama’s 7th annual Los Angeles “Strong Like a Mama invites moms to relax, connect and energize their inner self worth, confidence and the collective power of community. 

Tired of getting advice everywhere you turn on how to find balance, practice gratitude during times of stress, and juggle the endless demands of motherhood with a smile on your face. We feel you, and that’s HeyMama’sStrong Like a Mama” event is about effective ways to channel some of that frustration, find your inner strength, and release that power into the world to enact positive change. Forget finding the perfect balance (impossible), showing up completely dressed (way overrated), or hiding all of your messiness (that’s no fun!). 

This Strong Like A Mama event will activate our minds, bodies and souls by engaging in: 

  • An invigorating work-out to supercharge our bodies 
  • An uplifting panel conversation to stimulate our minds 
  • Connection time dedicated to developing our community relationships and fueling the soul. 
  • Activations will be open through the entire event 
  • Wellness gifts including a premium stainless steel water bottle and Strong Like A Mama yoga mat
  • Yummy food and drinks

Some of the event speaker and talent include:

Workout Leader :

Special thanks to our sponsors: