Reiki and Sound Bath Experience

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Reiki Sound Bath

Fall is here so we’re taking a cue from nature and focusing on letting things go. Sometimes we have a hard time releasing things that no longer serve us including thoughts and bad habits. So let’s take some time to clear out stale beliefs with a reiki sound bath session. Using the healing effects of reiki and instruments such as crystal bowls drums rattles and chimes we’re going to shake loose stagnant energy and create space for clarity.  


What exactly is a sound bath?

A sound bath is a unique and immersive experience that aims to promote relaxation and well-being through the power of sound. During a sound bath participants are immersed in soothing sounds and vibrations created by various instruments such as singing bowls rattles chimes and drums.

What does the Reiki Sound Bath entail?

We start with a yoga nidra to get you into a relaxed state in preparation to receive the sound vibrations. The instruments are then played before switching over to music so that I can administer the Reiki. I usually spend about 1 minute on each attendee. (This is why we limit the space to a few people.) Afterwards we return our attention back to the room and I try to leave space for folks to share their experience.

How is a Reiki incorporated into this session?

During the session I will administer an energy healing technique known as Reiki. This modality activates natural healing processes of one’s body and restores physical and emotional well-being. With permission I will place my hands on a particular area of the body to facilitate the healing. 

It’s painless and not associated with any religion.

What are the benefits?

  • It can help reduce stress and anxiety by inducing a state of deep relaxation.
  • Enhance meditation practices by helping individuals reach deeper states of consciousness. 
  • Potentially improve sleep quality. 

What uncomfortable feelings can occur during and after a session?

Everyone experiences sound baths differently but you may feel light headed drowsy and maybe even a little wired. That could be an effect of stagnant energy loosening and moving around your body. If you feel uncomfortable in any way try drinking water or herbal tea eating nourishing foods walking on the earth barefoot if you can and taking some deep breaths to help ground you. The sensations do not usually last a long time.

Overall attending a sound bath session provides an opportunity for self-care and rejuvenation. It offers an escape from the noise and stresses of everyday life while providing therapeutic benefits for both the body and mind.