Can Sound Baths Heal the Body?

I’ve experienced powerful release, relaxation, and even revelations during sound baths. Listening to – and feeling – the pure tones of the singing bowls and the harmonic overtones of the gong, my frequency seems to become coherent. So I know sound baths heal, but is there any scientific proof to back it up?

They activate the parasympathetic nervous system

Research shows sound baths regulate blood pressure better than traditional meditation. Because these deeper brainwaves relax the mind and body, the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for regulating the body’s rest and digest functions) is activated. This system is the regenerator.

They shift the mind into meditative states

Sound baths also have a transformative effect on your brain. The “droning” sounds of singing bowls and gongs help mind reach trance states, entering alpha, theta, delta, and even gamma waves while awake.

By focusing on the sounds, a sound bath becomes an active (though relaxed) meditation. Though even participants who fall asleep during a sound bath reap benefits. Just being at a sound bath helps.

They improve sleep

Practitioners have reported that sound baths have improved their sleep. Sound baths help you reach theta brainwaves- the precursor to sleep. The more often you reach theta during sound baths and meditations, the faster your brain reaches theta when it’s time to sleep.

They reduce anxiety, tension, and depression

That study showed participants experienced more well-being, and much less stress, tension, and fear.

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