A Beginner’s Guide To Attending Your First Sound Bath

Sound bath guide for beginners

Sound baths are a relatively new form of meditation and healing where sound bowls and gongs are used to create pure sounds and therapeutic vibrations which promote deep meditation and relaxation. So if you’ve ever asked yourself “What Is A Sound Bath”, here’s how to get the most out of your first sound bath:

Dress for comfort

Like a traditional massage in which you lay down and receive your treatment, you will be guided to lay down and receive the sounds. The more comfortable you are the better. Think” jogging pants, yoga clothes, even pjs. Many people like to wear white, as it’s considered a “spiritual” color and because you’ll probably match the decor.

Prepare your space
Depending on how the sound bath is set up, you may want to bring your own sleeping mats, blankets, eye mask, and a small pillow to get as comfortable as possible. Many sound baths are at yoga studios, which will probably have mats, bolsters and blankets. Some sound baths are entirely catered for, with mats and blankets already laid out for you. But it’s best to be prepared for your own maximum comfort to get the most out of this experience.

Set up your space with your head towards the sound. Make sure you can lay down comfortably and that you have enough blankets to keep you warm. An eye mask will also help you go deep into meditation.

MOST IMPORTANT: Turn off your phone.

Nothing takes us from a deep meditation like a phone going off. Don’t be that guy. Put your phone on silent & do not disturb, or better yet, turn it completely off.

Clear your mind, listen, and try to stay awake
This is a meditation. Follow the sound and try to feel the sound, rather than think about your to-do list. You may get so relaxed you begin to fall asleep, but try to stay awake. You will reap far more benefits from being awake and reaching delta brainwaves than being asleep.

If you snore, take precautions

On that note, if you do fall asleep, don’t snore. Your snoring is not the sounds people paid to listen to. So if you know you snore, ask the person next to you to wake you if it happens. Or use an anti-snoring device. If you do catch yourself snoring, turn onto your side.

Be with any feelings that arise

Sound baths encourage you to drop into meditative brain waves, like delta, theta, and even gamma. Deep meditation can bring up stuck emotions and sensations in the body. So, while your meditations often bring you into bliss, they may bring up stuff that needs to be healed and released.

If this happens, don’t fight it or fidget. Just feel your way through it, knowing every feeling is ephemeral and will pass. Though this is a more rare occurrence, when stuff comes up and you let it move through you, expect healing on a spiritual, emotional, or even physical level.

Take care of your body before and after the session

Use the restroom before your sound bath. You don’t want to disturb other people while they are deep in their meditation because you have to pee.

After the experience, hydrate and get a good night’s rest. Sound baths encourage healthy sleep patterns so take advantage of the brain waves you accessed and get some Z’s.

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