Quodoushka Celebration https://www.amaracharles.com/Q30

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Quodoushka Celebration https://www.amaracharles.com/Q30

That’s how long Amara’s been teaching this amazing workshop!

For those who don’t know, the practices of Quodoushka present singles and couples with a way to bring a whole new level of kindness, peace and passion into their sexual lives.

Everything Amara teaches in her best-selling book The Sexual Practices of Quodoshka will be featured in this sacramental five-day experience.

But what makes this retreat so special?

  • First of all, it’s the place. The retreat experience is on sacred land, in a gorgeous underground kiva in the Gallesteo Basin near Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • In October, the desert sky lights up with the glorious gold and reds of the autumn trees, and you will be nestled in the exquisite, world-known Chi Center, which takes great pride in serving you their superb accommodations and food…
  • The Quodoushka practices originated in such sacred Kivas hundreds of years ago in Meso-America. During this sacred retreat, you’ll be guided on exactly how to liberate stuck sexual feelings, repair broken trust and create a new level of acceptance and self-love around yourSexuality. But there’s more that makes this retreat so special!

We’re adding extra time for you toluxuriate in newfound experiences of peace and joyful connections, so instead of being3 ½ days, we will gather for 5 magical days.


Amara’s invited the amazing Qigong Master Mingtong Gu, the caretaker of this sacred land, to join us for a special session to expand our personal healing and liberation as a gift of pure consciousness rippling into the collective.