Peer-to-peer mentor matchmaking session: Lenéa Sims & Soundboard

about this event

Soundboardingwith With Lenéa Sims Founder of Inner Play& Outer Work

Lenéa is a writer, scholar, community builder, and burst of joy and colour. She curates communities for creative types to transform — themselves and the world — and is on a mission to make liberation accessible, fun & joyful. 

When? Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Time? 7:30pm GMT | 11:30am PDT

Duration? 1hr 30mins

What’s included: 

  • Storytelling session with Lenéa where we cover:
    • Career pivots
    • Burnout 
    • Making self-development playful 
    • Community building for personal growth & social liberation
  • Live Q&A with Lenéa 
  • x2 curated matches where you we hand-pick two people for you to connect with 1:1 during the event (Optional)

You should attend this event if…

  • You are feeling blocked creatively 
  • You are interested to hear alternative ways of of thinking about self-care
  • You want to make genuine connections with like-minded people.
  • You are curious, eager to learn something new, and have an open mind. 

Soundboard Events are a little different…

Here’s our thing: we want you to feel inspired, to bounce ideas, and meet like-minded people. How do we do that? Through Soundboarding!

During our events we host curated matches where we handpick 2 other event attendees for you to meet with (via Zoom breakout rooms) with based on your interests and goals.

Building connections with likeminded people is the heart of Soundboard, how else can we learn, inspire, and motivate each other? 

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How do we do the matching?