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Opening the liminal realm for this very sacred transmission of Oracle Gong teachings.

This initiation is for those feeling to deepen their practice and expand their sensorium via sound and stillness. Beautiful training in community for all experience levels. Gongs available to share / Welcome to bring your own!

Saturday, June 25 ~ 9AM – 11AM

Sacred Roots Holistic Healing ~ 2841 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA

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It is our intention as sacred sound keepers that we may dilate timespace for remembering medicine pathways of the deepest compassion So we may feel the aliveness of these enchanted realms and know that we are beautiful expressions of this most Sacred Mystery.

Gong is an ancient instrumental expression of original sound, the primal creative force.

Oracle Gong creates a tantric soundweave of astral frequencies that supports deep relaxation, cellular regeneration, and sensual embodiment. 

Nourishing gongwaves saturate the field, effortlessly clearing psychic, emotional and somatic debris and entrain us with the pure stream of creative potentia. 


Somatic Ecotones – Attunement with the great expanse of subtle sensory awareness via creative soundscapes .

Gavia / Sunia (Chant/Listen) – Contemplative study of the harmonic resonance of life.

Noticing – Somatic echo location of boundaries and resistances for dissolution and final release.

Sensing – feeling all the sensations. Allowing all flow within and beyond.

Tantric Transmissions- Allowing flow and grace to unfold with ease in community. 

Shuniya – Deepest practice of stillness that dilates space for expansive flow of source power.


Ceremonial approach to Gong as Oracle of Sound.

Meditation and Movement




Cosmic Insights

Gong play and exploration in nourishing community community

Sharing Space & Sound in the Oracle Gong Apprenticeship has allowed me to become closer to the Divine.As a Gong player, I was looking for a deeper connection to my gongs and to connect with a like-minded community. Being intentful, purposeful, and deeply listening to my gong with reverence allowed to me improve my playing and I look forward to sharing more experiences with this community.

– Jacqualyn Jackson, Inagural Oracle

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