October Nourishment Session

about this event

Welcome to the Conscious Creators Club’s monthly nourishment session! These free sessions happen every month for members of the CCC. To learn or join us, click here


In the first quarter of our CCC we have discovered that the real power of this club is that sharing + community creates change. Our personal inner-transformations can spark great outer/world change, and I know that’s why we’re all on Conscious City Guide (either creating or seeking)~ there’s something we want to change and the tools you have to share + support the collective’s change as a creator is very much needed and powerful. That’s why we’re here to nourish you. 

This month we shift the flow of the monthly nourishment session and while we’ll still feature a special guest facilitator from the community, we will include more time for you to ask Mel, co-founder of Conscious City Guide anything. It will go something like this: 

  • Welcome our guest facilitator this month: Hi Karishma Donde or Breathwork Society ! 
  • Karishma will take us through one of her session’s
  • Ask Mel anything like the realization point I had to quit my job and start the business (actual physical time-line jump story, straight out of sci-fi movie), what is our social media strategy (currently need help with that) or how to stay aligned when nice gold-dipped testy-carrots are dangling in front of you ? (halp)
  • Everyone’s favourite: Community share of what you’re calling in, because there’s probably someone in the CCC or someone they know that can help you with that

I look forward to seeing you and don’t forget to drop your questions and asks in the check out form so we can manage the flow of the session easier. 

Session from Karishma Donde of Breathwork Society

In the trantric traditions, Chakras are focal points for meditation within the human body that are visualized as structures of energy resembling discs or flowers made of light at those points where a number of channels within the body converge. 

These chakras are conceptual structure but are phenomenally based especially since they seem to be located where human beings experience emotional and human energy and the forms in which they are visualized does reflect visionary experiences had by some meditators. 

Unlike traditional Chakra healings (7 discs and specific colors) we will be exploring a traditional Vedic Chakra Healing to clear any stuck energy in the body using a combination of meditation and short breathwork exercises. 

Leave feeling refreshed & renewed!