New Year’s Day Soundbath

about this event

Rejuvenate with Resonance with La Mer & Handpad Alchemy

Empower and entrain with the energetic field of 2020!

Join song + sound healer La Mer & Shirin from Handpan Alchemy for an extraordinary evening of rejuvenating resonance on the first day of the new decade and a new revolution.

The intention of this gathering is to lay a stable foundation within our energetic fields and use sound as a vehicle to empower + affirm our capacity to embrace the waves of 2020 with grace, clarity, and unyielding compassion!

We begin with a simple movement meditation to clear our energetic channels, awaken our bodies, and attune with our surroundings. Next, we will generate harmony and raise our collective vibration with vocal toning and elemental seed sounds. From here we journey into a celestial sound bath composed with crystal and tibetan singing bowls, gongs, handpans, zen drum, medicine melodies, chimes, bells, and other musical instruments.

Together we will use the amazing power of sound to manifest magic, celebrate life, and commune with common purpose on behalf of a more peaceful and loving world.

We are excited to resonate with all who feel the call!