Love & Awaken with Ancient Healing Arts: Cacao x Tarot

about this event

Sip. Shuffle. Draw.

The heart’s magnetic field is more than 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s, and can be detected a number of feet from the body in all directions.”

Do you feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and overstimulated? Does your monkey mind takeover? We invite you to Dogberry’s inaguaral pop-up event.

In a Speakeasy-like setting, Dogberry will take you through a 90 minute exploration designed to relieve everyday stressors from work and life, enhance long-term memory and creativity, and become more together-aware. Your Heart Coherence (compassion, intuition, etc.) will be increased during the session by combining ancient healing ritual (intaking Cacao elixirs) and popular mystical arts (Tarot). Two expert healers activate the collective Heart Intelligence by exploring four elements that provide the creative and energetic make-up of Cacao and Tarot.

While ‘wellness’ evokes brightness, Dogberry posits that confronting our shadows gives us access to light, untapped wisdom, and our best ideas. With the unique intersection of Cacao and Tarot, participants will be given the space and freedom to move from darkness to light.

Dogberry empowers us to lead from the heart and achieve our highest potential through accessing the greater collective consciousness.

Experience Includes:

  • Cacao bar featuring four different cacao elixirs
  • Cacao elixirs (contains Caffeine, Theobromine, Anandamide, etc.)
  • Ceremonial grade cacao
  • Four tarot stations representing the different elements
  • Guided and experiential Tarot card pulls
  • Gifts (Dogberry cacao shotglasses, cacao recipes, etc.)
  • Group meditation
  • Win mystical & heart-opening prizes through raffle
  • Relief from everyday stressors

Prep: Do not eat at least 2 hours prior to your arrival. No previous experience in any wellness realm necessary.

Physical Activity: Light walking and standing. Seating will be available.

Attire: Black-attire (comfortable) recommended, but not required.