Advanced Initiation into Bliss Technique

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Next opportunity: Dec 3, Noon-1:30p

Enrollment + payment confirms your spot for the upcoming course.

**prerequisites – Initiation into 4-Day Intro to Meditation Course + 6 months of consistent twice a day meditation

As with all advanced techniques, we begin with Puja to activate the space. You will bring your offerings of 6 fresh roses and 3 sweet fruits.

The Bliss Technique is an advanced set of techniques that is taught in two parts during one session. 

  1. In the first part, you will receive a technique that you will add to the end of every twice-daily meditation, which will enhance bliss into the mind-body system.  
  2. In the second part of the initiation, you will receive an additional practice with a specific Sanskrit mantra for adding into your life as you feel charmed (not necessarily used every day, but as you feel you need a bliss boost!). You will use this additional Sanskrit mantra as a bonus practice (not in place of your twice-daily bija mantra practice).

After puja & being initiated into the two parts of the technique, we will practice together as a group.

Advanced Technique Fee: $600