Ignite Your Light Retreat | Costa Rica | April 18th – April 23rd, 2024

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Coherence Retreats

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Calling all entrepreneurs, trailblazers, and aspiring business owners…

When was the last time you truly unplugged, kicked back, and gave your business a real hard look from the outside?

Maybe you’ve found yourself questioning your path, feeling out of sync with your purpose, or even feeling overwhelmed with the entrepreneurial journey.

Well…that’s where our retreat steps in!

It’s specifically designed to help you realign with your core values, rediscover your passion, and regain clarity.

Whether you are a new business owner with a spark of an idea or a seasoned entrepreneur with a well-established empire, this retreat welcomes all!

Men, women, everyone across the spectrum of entrepreneurial experience – we invite you to rejuvenate, reconnect, and rekindle your fire.

We’ve woven in workshops to help you get crystal clear on where your business is headed as well as transformational workshops to help you step into your highest timeline.

Because this retreat isn’t just about your business. It’s about you too.

Why? Because your business is a reflection of you. When you are aligned with your innermost values and intentions, your business naturally flourishes in that harmony.

Think peaceful yoga surrounded by the jungle, powerful breathwork sessions, sound healing, ecstatic dance, plant medicine ceremonies, transformational workshops, and so much more!

By the time you board your flight home, you’ll be buzzing with clarity about your next business moves, a network of new friends, and an unforgettable Pura Vida experience!

This retreat is co-ed and open to all genders!

Join us April 18-23, 2024 for 6 days, 5 nights as we embark on a transformative retreat in the heart of Costa Rica!


Coherence retreats is where transformational retreats meet adventure travel. 

Our retreats are like no other. They are a unique blend of transformative workshops, healing modalities, and exciting adventures into Mother Nature’s playground.

It is a safe space for you to connect with other like-minded humans and meet your soul tribe! 

Each host brings their own special magic and frequency to the retreat as well! 

Our itinerary is still currently in the making and will be sent to the attendees directly! 

What to expect? Anything from sound baths, to plant medicine ceremonies, transformative workshops, photoshoots, singing, painting, astrology readings, reiki, cacao ceremonies, meditation, tarot card readings, hiking, and other outdoor activities (rock climbing, surfing, skiing, etc.), new friends, and a whole lotta laughs.


  • Transportation from San José Airport (SJO) to retreat property
  • Accommodation at an EPIC luxury property
  • All nourishing meals (vegan + GF) prepped by a private chef
  • In-person transformative workshops
  • Plant Medicine Ceremony
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Guided breathwork session
  • In-person guided meditations
  • Release ritual 
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Beach visits
  • Yoga sessions
  • Swimming in waterfalls 
  • Time to get to know your new soul tribe
  • Goodie bags from our sponsors
  • Deepening your connection with nature and your Highest Self
  • Memorable weekend for life!

Please note that the itinerary is still being adjusted and some things are subject to change! 

Flights to Costa Rica are not included. The shuttle from the San José Airport (SJO) to the property will be included as well as transportation within the retreat. **Valid passport is required to join this retreat


This retreat is for the women & men who….

  • Are ages 25-39
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, trailblazers, change makers, side hustlers, and self-starters
  • Are seeking clarity in their business 
  • Not afraid to invest in themselves and their future
  • Are ready for deep transformation
  • Desires to dive deeper into their spiritual and self-development practices
  • Wish to expand their business to the next level
  • Feels like they are on the edge of a breakthrough, but feels stuck
  • Are ready to fully commit to themselves
  • Are seeking guidance, to be seen, held, and supported
  • Are calling in soul tribe, and lifelong connections
  • Authentic and acts with integrity
  • Owns a passport and loves to travel and explore
  • Are empowered in their unapologetic self-expression
  • Good vibes, fun, and open-minded
  • Dreamers, visionaries, doing BIG things and have BIG dreams 
  • Desires to become the most empowered, fierce, bold, and aligned version of themselves!


Kim Roach@itskimroachFounder, Collective Getaway Retreats. Certified Life & Soul Purpose Coach (ICF). Sound Healer. Meditation Guide. Breathwork Facilitator. Psychonaut. EFT Practitioner. Certified Hypnotherapist. NLP Practitioner. CEO and Founder. World Citizen. Multidimensional BEing.

Regina O Silva – @reginaosilva

Regina O Silva is a psychic/medium, medicine woman, and business mentor who works with spiritual entrepreneurs all across the globe to help them call in their next level leadership, wealth, and impact on their way to scaling soul led, multiple 6 figure businesses. She focuses on helping visionary leaders strengthen their spiritual connection, solidify a powerful business strategy, and prosper in community. In addition, she has been working with the Yawanawa Indigenous community in the Brazilian, Amazon for the last year, co-hosting plant medicine retreats in the forest. She is super excited to be co-hosting a retreat in Costa Rica, a country where she has spent a lot of time and has been pivotal for her entrepreneurial journey.

Kim and Regina have joined forces to host an unprecedented entrepreneurial retreat designed to awaken the boundless potential within each participant. Both coaches integrate spiritual wisdom with modern entrepreneurial skills, creating a unique and powerful modality that resonates on multiple levels. Kim and Regina both specialize in utilizing plant medicine and spiritual modalities to delve deep into the subconscious, liberating untapped reservoirs of creativity and drive. With a rare mastery in harmonizing the masculine and feminine energies, they guide entrepreneurs in manifesting their dream reality and creating an alchemy of massive wealth in their businesses. Through a carefully curated series of workshops, guided meditations, and sacred ceremonies, attendees are offered an unparalleled opportunity to align their soul’s purpose with financial abundance, all while being immersed in a nourishing and supportive community.