about this event

A self paced online class that teaches you everything you need to know about spring cleansing with herbs, nutrition & lifestyle practices from a clinical herbalist perspective. 

If you feel like your body needs a reset from the long winter, this class is for you. You will learn how to address allergies, digestive issues, breakouts, sluggishness & other common ailments that arise during the spring season. We will lean on plants that are easily excessible, and growing around you during this time of year. 

This class poses a different perspective- one that teaches you how to lean on nourishing herbs instead of pushy liver cleanses to see better results in detoxification and liver health in general. 

Sign up on our website: https://dancingwillowherbs.com/products/herbs-for-springtime-in-person


This class includes

  •  A 1 hour long produced video class
  • 3 different PDFs on detailed course material, recipes for springtime & elaborate herbal monographs. 
  • Over 25 pages of PDF content 
  • Springtime herbal product bundle discount
  • Self paced format

You will learn:

  • Energetic themes & common ailments that arise during spring, such as allergies, hormonal issues, skin conditions, bloating, sluggishness & how to address them
  • A unique perspective on detox that encourages nourishment, first and foremost
  • How to know when the liver needs support
  • How the process of detoxification happens: phase 1 & 2 liver detoxification
  • How to support GI health for optimal detoxification
  • Lifestyle practices for springtime & optimizing liver function
  • The class of herbs called “alteratives” and why they are so good for spring
  • Bitter herbs and foods for liver support
  • Herbal antihistamines
  • Liver protectant herbs
  • The best herbal formulas to work with on a daily basis during the spring season