about this event

Healing Back To Wholeness is A 6-Month Immersive Journey To Heal Your Relationship To Yourself & Others

It’s an opportunity to deepen along your healing path with an intimate group of self-identified women devoted to the path of embodied emotional, spiritual, & psychological healing and sacred transformation.⁣

Healing Back To Wholeness is your permission to recover & discover your authentic self. To heal self-trust, deepen self-intimacy, and make confident decisions to create your most desired & cherished life.

Spend 6 months along The Numinous Path to initiate your inherent capacity to heal yourself & your relationships.

The exchange for the experience is 6 Monthly payments of $350.

Say yes to this heart-opening invitation to deepen along your healing path with an intimate group of self-identified womxn devoted to the path of embodied emotional, spiritual, & psychological healing and transformation. 

 The program is intended for those who are ready and willing to commit to their inner work and self-connection practices—those who are in need of more in-depth self-exploration and discovery. 

This work is deeply enriching, challenging, heart-opening and elucidating. It will ask you to stretch into new zones of Self & reality. It works to the extent that you work it. 

⁣First, We Heal. Through Healing, We Transform.

⁣Imagine if:⁣

⁣You were free from self-sabotage, perfectionism, people-pleasing, and one-sided relationships, and you didn’t have to rely on giving your power away to anyone for anything. ⁣

You didn’t have to feel emotionally isolated.⁣

You didn’t believe you have to hide behind a mask to be accepted. ⁣

You didn’t identify as an anxious person. ⁣

You woke up everyday feeling held, supported, and self-connected. Imagine if deep in your heart you knew you could trust yourself, others, and life at large. Imagine having a steady undercurrent of “All is well.”⁣

Knowing you were living aligned with your purpose and that no matter what happened, you trusted yourself to be there in reliable and magnificent ways. ⁣

You felt a deep sense of worthiness, faith, presence, confidence, and excitement for what is here now and what’s yet to come.⁣

You knew how to heal, so you could actually create the life you want based on who you truly are.⁣

The focus of this immersive program is to reveal how early imprints impact the subconscious mind/body/brain and shapes how your life is going. And then, realizing you have a choice to change.⁣ 

The reality is, if you aren’t able to identify your past trauma imprints and how they influence you today, you will stay subconsciously stuck, disconnected from your Self and your body, feeling powerless to change dysfunctional dynamics.⁣

⁣This program is designed to guide your journey to freedom. 

HBTW is everything you need to heal limiting trauma beliefs from your inner child, install authentic imprints, trust your intuitive authority, and reclaim your power to create the life your heart desires and deserves.⁣

⁣If you want to learn how to support the healing your inner child, embodying your boundaries, and knowing what you feel, need, and how to authentically communicate it – things like cultivating deep inner love, unconditional confidence, embodied boundaries, inner child healing, changing limiting beliefs, authentic congruence, intuitive authority, full-body yes, and living in choice – ⁣

⁣this immersive journey will teach you how to put an end to dysfunctional patterns and step more beautifully into self-love and deep inner peace.⁣

⁣It’s time to connect with your honest self, to set a higher bar, to believe you can follow your heart’s call, to step into your power, and feel your freedom.⁣

⁣You’ll leave this experience inspired, more connected to yourself, and with a clearer idea of how to love yourself more deeply. To experience radical and serious positive change in any and all areas of your life.⁣

⁣… as you assert who you are proudly and loudly… 

sans needing other people to approve… 

as you understand your truth, heal your barriers, and step into a greater and more free existence… 

all the while letting go of the doubt that you aren’t safe to expand⁣

⁣Powerful teachings. Clear blueprints. Deep heart-centered support to help you feel, be, have, and do better.⁣

⁣Dr. Rachel Greenberg is a Licensed Clinical Psychogist & Empowerment Guide. She has studied with some of the top leaders in the fields of non-violent communication, Vipassana insight meditation, social equity and inclusion, tantric Buddhist teachings, trauma-informed manifestation, and embodiment practice. All of which she’s infused into Healing Back To Wholeness. ⁣

⁣You’ve spent years muting your voice, settling for less than you want, doubting your power. Now, it’s time to step into your freedom. ⁣

⁣Welcome to your Healing Back To Wholeness journey.⁣

Here’s what I know to be true based on my years of training, study, and experience…⁣

  • ⁣EMPOWERMENT: As your birthright, you have access to an empowered life. Living empowered is something you can choose. You don’t have to let the feelings of fear hold you back or stay plagued by overthinking. ⁣
  • DREAM RELATIONSHIPS: Resonating with amazing people who uplift, inspire & support you is a byproduct of living authentically. When you expand your consciousness, you resonate with others who can meet you in your sacredness. I devote an entire module to My 3 Tenants of Conscious Relationships… I’ll show you how to develop your own high-caliber standard & learn exactly how to create authentic connections with safe people.⁣
  • YOUR DESIRE IS A PORTAL TO YOUR DESTINY: Your desire gives you insight into your soul’s embodied path. What you want is what you’re meant for, so be ready to declare that you deserve the BEST from relationships and life overall!⁣⁣

DEEP INNER SELF-LOVE: You have permission to stop sacrificing yourself to try to win approval—no more people-pleasing! True self-love is how you’ll end self-sabotage and destructive patterns. When you learn how to open your heart to your own experiences, you’ll create more harmony, trust, grace, and creation of authentic desire. ⁣

⁣KNOW YOUR WORTH: Whether it comes to relationships, speaking your needs, earning an income that supports the quality of life you desire, or living out your purpose – a feeling of unworthiness or worthlessness will invariably keep you resisting what you deserve. Gone be those days! 

You’ll now have my unique blueprint for everything you need to know to break free from any limiting idea that you are not worthy (it’s so gorgeous to know exactly how to work with the self-limiting beliefs & embody that you are always enough!)⁣

⁣Maybe you’ve been in talk therapy for years……but are you finding the change you go there for? ⁣

Or are you still stuck and struggling?⁣

⁣Maybe you have some of the knowledge but struggle to integrate it. Maybe you’ve spent so much time focusing on your career & family, you’ve lost sight of yourself. ⁣

⁣Maybe you’re scared to try new things.⁣ Maybe it’s hard for you to believe you’re worthy of better. ⁣But you know you want to achieve Unconditional Self-Love. ⁣

⁣You know you want a career that you believe in & enjoy that allows you to be financially independent. You know you want Healthy romantic relationships without codependency. ⁣

⁣My approach is different. This isn’t spiritual bypass. This isn’t analysis paralysis.This isn’t just treating symptoms.⁣

This isn’t a simple mindset shift. 

This is deep healing. This is healing the body, soul, and spirit with a focus on moving through past traumas.

This is a profound transformation. This is actual inner unconditional sustainable self-love. This is psychology and spirituality at its best. This is the journey you need to embody Love and Truth. ⁣

⁣This is skill-building. This is a clear roadmap of the techniques that you’ve been needing to end self-sabotage and destructive patterns. ⁣

This is a heart-opening journey to create more balance, trust, grace, and manifestation of authentic desire.⁣

You’ve spent too long striving for perfection, denying your truth, self-abandoning, and you’re ready to embody your true divine power. ⁣

⁣Healing Back To Wholeness is a LIVE program to help you break free from limiting beliefs by learning how to heal hurt feelings from the past & embody your authentic congruence so you can be empowered to create your desired life by getting into your body & living from your heart.⁣

Applications are open for the January 2022 Cohort! Space is limited to 15 women.⁣

⁣The immersion lasts for 6 months with 2 live calls per month. You will be emailed details after registration. All calls are held via Zoom and take place from 12-2 pmPST. ⁣

For questions, please email drrachel@heydrrachel.com or DM Dr. Rachel @heydrrachel on Instagram.