Wishcraft for LOVE

about this event

About this event


A hypnosis session to manifest LOVE. You’ll experience transformative group well wishing ceremony infused with self-hypnosis rituals to bring love into your life, your relationships and the world. Learn tools to harness past, present, and future awareness, using your mind as a focusing tool to expand your potential in the present moment. When practiced in a group, the effects of well-wishing are magnified and your true desires magnetized.

Hypnotist, Artist, and Educator and author of Wishcraft, Shauna Cummins will guide us through a hypnotic WishCraft ceremony.

WishCraft, A guide to manifesting a positive future is a magical book that shares a very special self-hypnosis technique and practice that teaches the art of well-wishing as a practice for changing thought patterns and beliefs, and turning wishes into action. Wishes can act as a focusing lens for our desires and portal for divine intervention. Well-wishing teaches us the power of positive wishing done in ritual. By combining wishing with the craft of self-hypnosis, we can learn to empower our wishes with intention. 

Join Shauna on the 11th of each month for a special digital WishCraft experience via Zoom

Special price: $11