Deepen | A 3-Part Pause For Tending to Self, Space & Relationship

about this event

Virtual group sessions will take place Sundays February 12th, 19th & 26th from 3 – 4:30pm PST

Here we find ourselves, a long way into winter. That time when landscapes, blanketed in snow, become impossibly still. When bare trees reveal what once stirred unnoticed. Where every moment of light is cherished, and even the stars shine a little brighter. When the ground turns hard, it’s in our nature to hunker down. To fortify our roots while we await spring’s abundance and *tend* to the places — and people — we call home. 

Winter is a time of deepening.

Our culture rarely celebrates resting, tending or deepening right where we are. We’re ever-encouraged to press forward and evolve — to *do* something *great* with our lives. What we’re less seldom told is that greatness is a deeply personal word. If we wish to show up for what calls us, we must first become still enough to hear it.

Within winter’s imposing embrace, we have an invitation to journey within, to tend, mend and deepen our relationships with self, space and other. And that is just what we will do in this intimate virtual container. We’ll establish new connections to our inner landscapes, create sacred space in both our inner and outer environments and explore the courage of deepening our relationship with other.

This virtual series will consist of three 90-minute gatherings, each including a guide inner journey, journaling and group shares, giving you the deeply human gift of being witnessed in whatever comes forth for you. It’s ideal for the person wanting to attune to the cycles of nature and find deep resonance with their life this winter.