about this event

Gong bath meditation uses the frequencies and vibrations of gongs along with other instruments to help your brain reach deep relaxation and experience altered states of consciousness. 

The session will begin with some calming breathwork and singing bowls which will then lead you peacefully into the sounds, vibrations and healing powers of the gong. 


  • Takes you into a deep meditative state 
  • Releases tension and emotional blockages like a form of therapy.  
  • Dramatically improves quality of sleep 
  • Helps you manage and reduce stress levels
  • Brings balance and alignment which deepens the connection between your mind and body. 


  • An eye mask (optional but recommended as the room is not dark)
  • Comfortable clothes 

Elizabeth Broderick founded Anicca (www.aniccastudio.com) which is a sound meditation and neuroscience approach to help you reduce stress, deal with anxiety and find balance. 

This event will have a smaller capacity and will be socially distanced with hand sanitiser on arrival. Please bring a mask for entry into the building and departure. Anicca Ltd has taken all the precautions possible but please be aware that we are not liable and you attend at your own risk. 

Please do not book this event if any of the following applies to you:

Heart conditions (pacemakers), epilepsy, any metal bolts or screws within the body or first trimester of pregnancy.