Heal Your Gut

Connected to the Core of You: A 3 Month Gut Healing Journey

about this event


A 3-month virtual wellness container that reaches deep within to your CORE, to your center of personal power, the alchemical fire within you that radiates your light throughout your entire life.  

Our CORE is the fire of transformation that governs digestion of food, thoughts and experiences. When it burns evenly, the energy flows properly to the organs and processes in the body where it’s needed most. 

This CORE energy is the Source of our willpower and intuition. 

But our modern lifestyle of non-stop stress, fear, disconnection, suppressed emotions and expression, smothers our inner flame. This allows parasites, fungus and candida, which are all part of a normal microbiome, to grow unchecked, obscuring the deep soul wisdom that lives within our CORE, and diminishing our ability to manifest in the physical.   


We start on the Full Moon in Libra 4.6.23 and end on the Full Moon in Capricorn 7.5.23. All sessions will be recorded for those who can’t make it live.  

**Deadline for registration and completion of the assessment form sent upon signup is 3.27.23**

O P E N . R E L E A S E . R E S T O R E 


We can strengthen and reconnect to our CORE through:

1. OPENING our nervous system + channels of elimination

2. RELEASING parasitic energies on a physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual level

3. RESTORING life-giving energies and the integrity of our boundaries both within the gut + our fields  


This journey is for highly driven professionals and creatives whose struggles with brain fog, burnout, chronic pain, anxiety, overwhelm + low confidence, addictive patterns, and/or digestive dysfunction leave them feeling stuck in their life and health, and blocked from accessing their full aliveness and potential. 

You’ve tried various therapies, treatments, diets, and more, but you still feel off-track and lack clarity about what’s really important. You want to feel EMPOWERED, deeply connected to your intuition, and fully embodied in your role as co-creator of your life, and in your knowing and capacity for healing. 


The journey starts with you getting very clear on your symptoms and current state of health physically // mentally // emotionally // spiritually by completing a detailed wellness inventory form. Based on this assessment, Diana will create 3 bespoke herbal formulas that will support you in each month’s healing mission. 

We will meet as a virtual community twice a month for 3 months, near the Full and New Moons for lessons, rituals, and Somatic Coaching guided by the Elements and astrology. In between meetings, you will work with the herbal formulas, together with simple practices for nervous system resilience and rewiring, physical + emotional cleansing and detoxifying, and renourishing your body, mind and soul. 

In this way, we honor the physical, energetic + emotional aspects of your healing. By addressing your CORE on all levels, you will experience true healing of the root cause of your health challenges, rather than just masking symptoms until they pop up again when triggered. 


  • Bi-weekly sessions, bespoke herbal blends for opening, releasing, and restoring, and a supportive group forum.
  • Sense of safety and ease in your nervous system, a prerequisite for opening to healing.
  •  Numerous potential physical upgrades like clearer skin, regular elimination, clarity + focus, decreased bloating/gas/indigestion, increased vitality, better sleep, greater calm. 
  • Ability to listen to and befriend your physical and mental~emotional symptoms, uncovering the deeper messages and meanings they are trying to communicate to you. 
  • Greater depth of feeling, allowing you to source your visions, desires, and commitments through your body. 
  • Release of old energies, events, and patterns from your body, mind, spirit.
  • Recreation of your sense of self with centered + loving boundaries. 
  • The will power to act, the integrity and clarity to know the right course of action and the energy to do what you want to do. 


More info: https://www.dianaleahywellness.com/connected-to-the-core-guthealing

Contact: diana@dianaleahywellness.com