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Join us for a calm and restorative evening to come home to yourSelf. Sacred space will be set for deep dives which include an Akashic Record Meditation, Higher Self Activation (sound bath) and exploration of the astrological North Node (please include birth date/time/location in ticket purchase) with interactive discussion of your souls purpose.

As 2020 dawns, the gates to See the Self with loving clarity are open. On this Leo Full Moon, let us cleanse past programs and limiting beliefs to create spaciousness for cultivating what your unique Spirit yearns to embody.

About the Facilitators:

Helen Vonderheide is an Elite Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner. She opens up the Akashic Records by creating a safe space to work one on one and deliver profound insights and healing wisdom from the Akasha and the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. She also teaches the first four levels in the Akashic Records practitioner certification series which ranges from learning how to read the Records for yourself to some of the advanced practices and explorations.
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Britt Lynn is a self-study entrepreneur, serving as a spiritual expansion workshop facilitator, self-healing song channeler and Transformation Coach. She shares stories of synchronicity and transformation via youtube, blogs and in-person events, where she helps others come to know the Self more fully.


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Hanna is a Certified Astrologer, Priestess and Inner Peace Coach. She supports people to deeply connect with their inner wisdom, embrace their gifts and fall in love with their lives.


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Together, Britt and Hanna host Sacred Sister podcast, a space where they open deeper dialogue on spiritual practices and concepts. They ‘Normalize The Magic & Sacralize The Mundane’ of everyday life every other Wednesday on Apple Podcast, Spotify and other podcast streaming sites.

Find the link below with Helen as the featured guest:

2.6 Reading the Akashic Records