Chaos to Calm: Sound Bath and Breathwork

about this event


A 60-minute in-person, immersion into breathwork and live sound frequencies and vibrations relax your body, calm your mind, and tap into your creative dream states.

We will use healing instruments like Crystal bowls, gongs, Tibetan bowls, hand drums, and chimes to activate every cell in the body, leaving you feel at peace with yourself and in touch with surrounding.


Healing sounds with different vibrations can help clear subconscious energetic, emotional, and mental blockages, and bring on different benefits:

~ Activates Higher States of Consciousness

~Unlocks Blocked Emotions

~Relieves Anxiety and Stress

~Induces Complete Relaxation

~Promotes Deep Meditation

~Heightens Clarity

~Improves Ability to Concentrate

~Relieves Insomnia

~Decreases Depression

~Normalizes Blood Pressure

~Relieves Physical Pain

~Release Emotional Trauma

Who this experience is for

~has any experience with sound healing

~desiring a deep form of meditation or rest

~ curious what an energetic massage would be like with sound frequencies

~ navigating through fear, anxiety, burn-out

~wanting to tap into a higher consciousness

~ looking to feel more at home with themselves again

~highly creative, but need to slow down the chatter to find more clarity & focus

What to bring

~Comfortable clothes

~(Optional) An eye mask or eye pillow

***The studio provides mats, blankets, bolsters for your comfort


Sliding Scale $25-35


This is an 8-week pop-up series on Sundays from 7:45-8:45pm from Feb 5th to April 2nd. No session on Feb 19th. Join individual sessions or all. 


I offer free tickets to those who can volunteer to welcome attendees at my public sound baths. Please email me at

Your guide

My name is Kate Tran-Lane, founder of Project Hum, and I’ll be your sound & yoga guide for the evening. My passion lies in creating deeply meditative experiences that bring moments of peace, clarity, and inspiration to my community. When we gather for these sacred group rituals, we sense our shared humanity, and are reminded of the inner spark that dwells within. Let’s hum together!