Awaken The Goddess Within Healing Circle

about this event

Awakening the Goddess Within Circles are ceremonies that honor the wild creative wisdom of the divine feminine, through intentionally coming together in a sacred circle to cultivate deep healing practices to awaken the magic of sacred femininity and its ability to heal and birth new realities. 

Energetic clearings and healings, womb activations, meditations, singing, chanting, sound frequencies, yoga, dance, rituals, plant medicines (flowers/roots), and connecting from within will be practiced while we honor each other as a collective tribe of sacred wisdom sisters, awakening to our own unique alchemies and inner goddess wisdom.

These Awakening the Goddess Within Circles bow deeply to the sacred masculine, offering gratitude as we honor the power and presence the masculine holds and understand that true alchemy can only come when both the sacred masculine and feminine within us and within our world are healed, honored, and cultivated. We welcome all parts of ourselves into the circle as we embody wild goddess wisdom.

We are each other’s medicine and when we come together in circles we create a space for deep healing, safety, connection, love and transformation to occur. Through these gatherings we can promote a deeper understanding into our conflicts and blocks, solve problems, build trust, and learn from other magical goddesses in the circle. 

My wish is to create a safe space where powerful and magical women come together monthly to share our hearts, pains, troubles, trials and tribulations AS WELL AS wins, gifts, blessings, and magic to empower each other with fully healed hearts, wombs, embodied, creating spirit led and overflowing lives to support our divine mission on this planet. 

Women’s wisdom and alchemy has been buried for centuries. We are being called to awaken the goddess within to realize our powers to birth new realities and transform not only our lives but all of humanity with our presence, grace and touch. As we heal all the layers that have been subdued we give rise to the luminous sacredness of our essence as CREATRIXES. 

February is focused on creating more self-love from within so that we can be the mirror of love and attract spiritual, cosmic divine love into our lives. This healing circle will cultivate self-healing powers that help us evolve spiritually while manifesting professional abundance, resolving relationship issues and succeeding in all areas of life. 

This is an invitation to you, sacred woman.

If you sense you’re ready to awaken to the vast magic and alchemy of the sacred feminine essence and wisdom that is deep within you…

If you’re ready to birth your divine mission…

If you long to live the way of the everyday goddess and feel her deep in your bones…

If you desire to activate divine feminine creative energy into your everyday life, igniting your heart and soul to birth your dreams into being…

If you are ready to embark on a voyage into the divinity of who you truly really are… to become grounded in and claim your infinite womb power…

If you long for a conscious community of goddesses in your life who celebrate nature, nurture each other, and are connected to healing the world with open and conscious hearts…

If you desire deeper intention and meaning in your life around your life cycles and transitions and long to celebrate and honor life with divine intention and sacred ceremony…

I invite you to sit in circle with us to heal, to reconnect with your own magic and goddess within! When magical women come together and sit in circle, a powerful medicine begins to brew. I can’t wait to see the magic that we will birth as our alchemies join forces with one another. 

I am honored to hold space and bear witness to your gifts and magic coming online.


  • Deep interpersonal connections with other goddesses
  • Heal the effects of a deep seated painful traumas and wounds
  • Clearing energetic blocks in the heart and womb
  • Uncover strengths and gifts
  • Transform pain into strength
  • Transform wounds into wisdom

What you will receive:

  • Healing Tea Ceremony ritual with specific flower or root of the month
  • Energetic & Womb Clearing rituals
  • Angelic healing with the Violet Flame and Reiki energies
  • Mantra, Yantra or Meditation for empowerment and healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Sharing space
  • Transformational Coaching tips
  • A network of powerful goddesses to provide ongoing support

Space is extremely limited so please be sure to sign up in advance to reserve your seat in the circle.