An Evening with the Goddess: Activations, Writing & Storytelling Workshop

about this event

Hello Beautiful Soul! I am very excited to share an evening of the Art Feminine Storytelling. The theme is GODDESS. This event will be happening on November 6th for both new and experienced writers and storytellers. Perhaps you have a story in your heart that you need to share. We start with a Sacred Ceremony, followed by a Goddess Activation™ transmission to spark your creativity, then we move into a writing session, and then a full circle of sharing, followed by an integration process at the end.

Everyone will have a chance to share their sacred story with the Goddess in her many forms and faces. This is a chance to be deeply seen and heard, to have a sacred witness, to feel your truths emerge more clarity, and to embody it all fully.

All attendees will also receive a complimentary voucher for the Stories of the Goddess book anthology if they wish to be contributing writers. I’ve found that the most important thing for a woman to experience in her life is to be truly heard, fully received, acknowledged for her experiences, and have a sacred reflection in a sacred space.

This will be an extraordinary evening with the Stories of the Goddess. 

Much Love. ❤ Radhaa

The lineup:

1) Introduction to the evening

2) Ceremony Opening: 

Introductions and Intentions

3) Saraswati Goddess Activation™ 

4) Followed by a Sacred Storytelling & writing session

5) Integration Process

Attendees Receive:

Saraswati Goddess Activation™.

Clearing of creative blocks.

Writing session with prompts.

Opportunity to share writing.

Deep Sisterhood Connection.

Clearing of Persecution Wounds.

This stand-alone event will be deeply healing, powerful and allow your sacred Goddess’s voice and Story to come through! All the Bonuses are simply that, a bonus. 

An additional bonus is that attendees recieve A voucher towards the Goddess Anthology, “Stories of the Goddess,” curated by Radhaa Publishing House. 

Experience a Goddess Activation™ transmission with Radhaa. Clearing away persecution wounds so you can use your voice. This is a sacred space where you will be deeply supported in your storytelling session. You will be able to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before in sharing your voice, your truth, and your Goddess experience. I am so excited to connect with you, Sister! xo