A Journey into the Heart with Dorothea Barth

about this event

Dorothea is inspired to share the message of love and harmony through her crystal sound bowls and the power of her own voice. She lovingly creates a nurturing and healing space for friends to sink into their own innate wisdom. She invites them to awaken the power of their own unique souls. 

High freqency sounds clear the energy body and work on any reluctant stagnations within the physical body; as well as any limiting beliefs residing in the body mind. During the sacred sound journey ones true nature is explored via intuitive sound codes received from spirit, and inspirired by the collective consiounsess in the room. This sound experience is an invitation for the guests to reach a deeper equilibrium, to feel a sense of coming home into their heart, and to recieve any hidden gifts from their subconscious that is ready to make itself known. 

Dorothea intuits that healing comes from knowing yourself in your essence, in your sacred I, the untouchable infinite space deeply within your heart. 
In the core of your own being you are safe anywhere, and capable of miracles.