We’ve Got The List Covered- via Overheard LA

When we saw an anonymous person’s ‘now till summer’ goal list which was captured on a flight back to Los Angeles as shared with Overheard LA we thought…hey anon, you can find most of your list on Conscious City Guide, we gotchu 🙂

We love OH Missed series and this is our own type of love connection. If this is a real list attached to a real person and Overheard LA connects us with them we’ll try our dang best to get that person to as many of these events (or similar, there’s events every week) ! To help them reach their goals ! ✅

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Connect ✅

Reach Out To Contacts / Hustle More✅

Read Self-Help Books✅

Add this one to your shelf and you can join this book club:

  • Wednesday Mar 15| Malibu

    CARES Group Book Study: “The Guru Papers”

    Have you been in a toxic, controlling relationship (or wondering if you are in one)? Are you desiring to further your recovery in a nurturing, collaborative environment? CARES Group (Coercive Abuse Recovery …

Walk/Read (+surf) at the Beach✅

Workout Every Day✅

Choose your moves:

Less / No Alcohol✅

Join this non alcoholic event and..most of the events on conscious city guide are alcohol free…

  • Sunday Apr 2| Beverly Hills

    Glow Fest: Women’s Wellness Event

    A day-long immersive retreat to connect women back to themselves and each other. Plug into connection, community and self-care. Leave feeling like your most radiant, confident self.  This event is for …

Focus on Goals✅

A monthly group to help with that !

  • Wednesday Feb 1| Online

    New Month Meditation

    Research shows only 9% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions, and most “failures” happen by the first week in February. Join us for a meditation that will help recalibrate each …


We love manifestation at Conscious City Guide!

Get Back into Spirituality✅

How did you want to do that ? Just search on consciouscityguide.com lots here for you like:

Book Kambo / Find Aya Retreat Nearby✅

Medicine comes in all forms not just Kambo or Ayahuascha – do your own research. Be safe.

Heal Within✅

Love Myself✅♥️

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