Your Wellness Era

about this event

Your ticket includes:

1. A 30 minute EMS session from EMS Wellness (originally $150) – EMS training is a whole body workout that promotes weight loss, increases physical strenght, stimulates muscle growth, and relieves tension and muscular imbalances!

2. One IV Wellness Drip (originally $195) – increase hydration, detox, and boost anti-aging with 100% absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients! 

Other Local Women Owned Businesses at the Event:

  • Skin By Char
    • Will be providing free facial consultations while offering a discount on Botox at $10/unit
  • Align Spine & Wellness
    • Will be providing basic adjustments and soft tissue work
  • The Green Collective
    • Will be providing nourshing snacks and smoothies
  • Link x Lou
    • Will be welding 14K gold jewerly