Womxn’s Sensory Awakening Workshop

about this event

Are you ready for an evening of sisterhood, love, and intimacy? Join us for Womxn’s Sensory Awakening! Together we’ll co-create a safe, supportive space for us to unite as womxn while using the healing power of supportive & loving physical touch to awaken our senses. After recognizing that physical touch was one of our favorite aspects of yoga classes, we had the inspiration to create a workshop around physical touch. As a society, we aren’t receiving enough nonsexual physical touch yet we’re so all deeply craving it!

This beautiful night will entail a connective sharing circle, a discussion about consent & boundaries, a partner activity, and an experience of being both the “delightor” and “delighted”. In sisterhood, the “delightor” will transmute love & honor to the “delighted” by igniting the senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, & sound) with delicacies such as chocolate, flowers, essential oils, honoring touch, etc. All will take place within the studio’s warm and softly lit room.

These practices create deep healing in the body by soothing and strengthening your nervous system, restoring softness to your body, and bringing you into present moment awareness.

So, let’s come together in community to embrace the essence of yin. Feeling pleasure, love, and safety in your body is a birthright. This is a beautiful opportunity to practice your boundaries, reclaim your innate innocence, and remember your feminine sensuality. Walk away from this event with tangible exercises that you can take home & infuse into your daily life.

This is for you if you:

  • need an exhale from stress in your life
  • love savasana in your yoga classes or love massages
  • aspire to change how you relate to sensuality & sexuality
  • want to get out of your head and feel more sensations & presence in your body
  • feel inclined to learn a new routine to incorporate into your life
  • dream of connecting with like-minded souls & building community
  • crave to be adored and cherished by other human beings
  • desire to gift yourself + others an evening of ultimate self-care and self-love
  • All you need to bring is your authentic self! All participants must be age 18+. ALL womxn are welcome to the circle! We embrace diversity & inclusion and celebrate differences. This circle is for self-identifying womxn of all sizes, shapes, colors, cultures, ethnicities, orientations, marital status, etc.

Please be on time and bring a water bottle if you wish. We suggest dressing in comfortable clothing that you also feel beautiful in. You could wear a combination of yoga pants, yoga shorts, running shorts, sports bra, bralette, tank top, flowy shirt, etc. Whatever makes you feel relaxed and safe during our special evening together!

If you have any questions regarding the event, please reach out to Rory & Miranda directly at womxnssensoryawakening@gmail.com.