Virtual Womxn’s Temple: Transforming Limiting Beliefs (Full Moon Eclipse)

about this event

As we grow, we’re asked to let go.

This full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is a highly potent time to release limiting beliefs that are ready to be shed.

This cosmic energy shake up is asking us to shift the story line — from a narrative that has kept us playing small, separate, and tethered to the past, to new ideas of expression, connection and expansion that are in true alignment with the heart.

In this Virtual Womxn’s Temple, tune into the clear messages of your inner wisdom with a grounding guided meditation, powerful limiting beliefs exercise, and opportunities for reflection in a safe space of compassion and non-judgment.

This is a co-creative sanctuary where it is safe to come exactly as you are, receive exactly what you need, and steep in the nourishing support of sisterhood.

Limited spaces available so please reserve your spot ASAP.