Virtual Meditation Circle

about this event

This is a weekly meeting where we work with intention to cultivate awareness by deepening embodiment and communication skills, and clarifying our choices in perception and participation.

The ground, from which all manifest arises, is space that holds information. This council supports those interested in becoming more grounded while increasing their capacity to abide in space. 

In embodiment meditation, we apply meditative focus to specific physiological sensations, locations and processes in our bodies. This allows us to cultivate and refine an interface between our cognitive and physiological awareness that’s more comprehensive than if we were to exclusively focus on the breath or recite mantras as is done in traditional practices. Embodiment meditation is a practice to learn the language of the body and to allow the body to inform and contain our presence and sense of self. Embodiment deepens capacity for presence, receptivity, and compassionate exchange with all of reality.

To claim and reclaim presence within the mystery of life is an expression of freedom and an offering to all that is. Each of us has a unique way of interfacing with karma, interpreting and connecting with nature and activating soul intentions. Forgiveness, neutral observation, kindness and tolerance can help one sustain states of inspired presence and yield into life itself.