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Modern Meditation Teacher Training

Join Modern ŌM and Author and Professor of Mindfulness Amanda Gilbert for a comprehensive and industry leading five month, 200 hour, modern meditation teacher training program (MMTT). We have a code for 10% off: CCGFRIEND.

You can egin your training on Jan 21, 2022 as part of their OnlineMiamiNYC or Tulum Cohorts, with an option to attend across cities.

This very special, in depth and high-touch 5 Month Meditation Teacher Training certification is the first comprehensive ‘modern day forward’ training in mindfulness meditation facilitation and meditation career creation, specifically designed for our times.

The Three Module Online Training offers in-depth study on strengthening your own practice and conceptual understanding of foundational meditation principles, training and protocols in facilitating mindfulness practices, and creating your unique classes and career.

Today, we want to share what you’ll learn in the Three Modules!

In Module 1: Meditation & Mindfulness Training

What You Will Learn:

  • Mindfulness Studies: Learn the ‘Four Foundations’ of mindfulness
  • Introductory Buddhist teachings & philosophy
  • The science and historical overview of meditation
  • How to teach secular mindfulness for beginners
  • Modern mindfulness applications
  • How to deepen your personal practice
  • How to cultivate and practice a mindful lifestyle

In Module 2: Facilitation Training

What You Will Learn:

  • Development of an advanced meditation teaching skill set
  • Impactful teaching training: learn the art and musicality of teaching meditation
  • Meditation teacher ethics & embodiment considerations
  • Cultural competency & diversity-equity-inclusion practices
  • Trauma-informed facilitation training

In Module 3: Mindful Business Training & Practicum

What You Will Learn:

  • How to create a mindful business model and create your own, unique career path
  • Mindful business basics
  • How to teach meditation and mindfulness offerings based on demographic or audience
  • The art of public speaking and how to create a meditation keynote speech
  • Developing your brand and messaging focus
  • Social Media Training
  • Meditation content creation & mindful messaging: Learn how to utilize mindful speech to create beneficial social media content for your audience
  • Teaching practicum and mentoring

Modern ŌM is the leading community for spiritual wellness in Miami and online. We taught our first meditation in April 2016 and have since led sessions for 10,000+ people across numerous mindful and spiritual modalities across Miami and on our digital platform. Learn more at www.clubmodernom.com.

Amanda Gilbert is one of today’s leading experts in the field of meditation and is on Modern ŌM’s faculty. Studying with her you’ll learn to teach meditation for public audiences (in person and online), friends and family, in the workplace, and high-profile speaking events. For more info, visit www.amandagilbertmeditation.com.

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