UMA GAIA x USUI MIKAO REIKI I Training Weekend / Wolf Full Moon Energy

about this event

Reiki translates to the “unseen” universal life source energy that flows through us, and all around. Comprised of two Japanese words, Rei meaning “God’s Wisdom or Higher Power” and Ki translating to “life source energy,” Reiki energy innately operates on a constant high vibration, harmonizing and is purifying to all. Reiki energy guides us back to alignment, centeredness, and a peaceful place that is our natural state. The energy makes room for shifts to take place on all levels, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki healing, acts as the hands of light, and is transmitted through gentle touch. Reiki has the ability to detoxify, cleanse, balance, sooth and vitalize the subtle body. Wonderful for people, animals, children, all walks of life.

We will be supported by the Wolf Full Moon that is taking place on January 28, 2021. We will call in this animal energy during the workshop and connect with our grounding earth base, in harmony, will the wolfs cry at the divine Moon in the sky during the winter months we will connect to the bountiful Full Moon energy from our crown connection. So below, so above.

This Reiki 1 Workshop is a profound and beautiful tool for anyone who is interested in or already involved in any form of mind/body/spirit healing work. In addition, it is an empowering tool for anyone who has contact with people: doctors, nurses, teachers, yoga instructors, so on and so forth.

In this Reiki I Training/Certification workshop weekend you will learn: Dr. Usui Mikao Way

  • The Reiki History
  • The Reiki Principles
  • The Fundamental Hand Placements for treating yourself and others
  • The Foundations of the Chakra System
  • The Importance of Integration and Intention
  • An Introduction to Quartz Sound Therapy & Marcel Vogel Grade Quartz Crystal
  • An Introduction to Aligning with Elements / Nature / Intuitive Messages
  • You will receive the level one Reiki Attunements that will be sealed in you for life
  • You will receive the level one Reiki Certification
  • You will receive other everyday tools & info from UMA GAIA
  • Gifted recorded UMA GAIA Quartz Sound Bath & Reiki Meditation
  • *Custom Curated Reiki I UMA GAIA Starter Kit + Upon Request

The UMA GAIA Reiki Training Program will take place over the weekend:
Saturday January 30th & Sunday January 31st
Via Zoom / Two Days/ 3hrs Per-Day
TIME ZONES: same time each day*
7AM – 10AM – Los Angeles
10AM – 1PM – New York
3PM – 6PM – London
4PM – 7PM – Paris

Before the weekend, you will receive a private welcome email from me and we will connect about your intention for the Reiki I Program on a personal level and discuss any questions you may have. After which you will receive the prep-list and program/printout for the weekend.

If you are wanting to take this course but would like to dialogue about sliding scale or payment plan please email directly at :

Please note: registration closes on January 28th for this training*