Transformative Breathwork Training: Module 2 with Marlize Joubert

about this event

 Through this training you will embark on a journey to mastery, become the author of your life experience, step into your greatness, and to learn skills of compassionate leadership and transformation.  

 Whether you’re a beginner or a competent facilitator already, these trainings will meet you where you are and take you to the level of mastery that you are looking for. Perfect for newbies and veterans alike!    

 This training can be taken virtually or in person. 

This training can be taken even if you haven’t taken Module 1. 

They stand on their own. Join for self healing, or to gain knowledge to facilitate healing for others.  

What to expect:

Practical application of breathwork. 



Q&A for those of you who’ve already been practicing and facilitating private sessions. 

Written exercises. 

Partner work. 

Holding space and doing breathwork. 

Deep personal and generational healing and transformation for self. 

The healing that will take place will be lineage deep. Clearing trauma generations back so it can stop with you!     

What you will leave with: Powerful healing experiences, self transformation, and a greater clarity around your role as a spiritual teacher or spiritual being. 

Greater understanding around energy dynamics of all kinds. You’ll have experience around various topics for healing, whether for yourself or others. 

These are specified below under topics.  

You will deepen your connection with your new spiritual community, watching friends become your chosen family. A wide open heart where you get to navigate life from and not your trauma. Feeling high on life.

A strengthening of your intuition and creativity.

A bigger capacity for self love. 

Greater understanding of your subconscious beliefs and wounds and how to work with them consciously for self or others.  

Lot of healing around abuse, addiction, parents, past lives, lineage, grief and loss.     

Topics: Self worth, Intuition, Abuse, Addiction, Forgiveness, Trauma healing, Lineage healing, Grief, Loss, Healing your heart, Leadership, Initiation, Accountability, Future vision, Using your voice, Eradicating fear, personal volatility, teaching groups, energy study, grounding, continue practicing holding space, doing breathwork, studying group energy and intuition.  

Price: $595 Deposit: $275 non-refundable deposit | $1,500 if you buy all 3 at once. 

Please contact for payment options. 

Location: Unplug Meditation Studio in Santa Monica

Logistics: An email will go out a week prior to the training with logistical information 

More info on the IG marlize_joubert 

In-Person + Virtual

FRI-SUN, 1/20-22 | FRI: 7:00pm-9:30pm PST

SAT: 9:00am-6:00pm PST

SUN: 9:00am-6:00pm PST 

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