Transcending Together: Entheogen Integration Circle

about this event

We are a community of seekers making the most of our experiences, staying connected to insights and bringing the extraordinary to our daily lives.

About this event

With Transcending Together, we intend to create a safe space for people from all walks of life to come, share, and explore their experiences going inward, whether it’s through plant medicine, meditation, or another path. Prior experience with psychedelics is not required to join the conversation — just an open mind and an honest desire to learn, share and heal within a supportive group setting. 

This fireside gathering is an opportunity to join a growing circle of bright and kind humans and share who you are: your passions and talents, your fears and insecurities, and your unique love and light. We’ll embark on a path toward greater awareness and self-actualization, so we can explore self-healing and ways to transcend, together. 

Some questions we’ll explore:

  • What led you to this circle?
  • Where do you feel psychedelics belong in society?
  • What language have you developed in attempting to describe the ineffable?
  • Can you share your peak experience?

Tickets are free, but registration is required. Donations of $10 or more are warmly welcomed. 

When: First Tuesdays of every month at 7:00 pm

Where: Santa Monica

Who We Are 

We are an inclusive community of spiritual seekers. Our group includes people of all ages, stages, abilities, and backgrounds, and our shared interest unites us in remembering the divine within the ceremonial sacrament of psychedelics and plant medicine.

Why We Gather

Life-altering experiences can be, well, life-altering! Many people need integration support to make the most of their experiences, stay connected to the insights they’ve gained, and bring the extraordinary into their everyday lives.

Transcending Together aims to offer emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support following these kinds of paradigm-shifting explorations with psychedelics and non-ordinary states of consciousness. We share new ways of self-healing and integration practices that encourage a return to a calm, balanced, grounded state of being fully alive and whole.

We also like to connect and have fun! As our group grows and evolves, we may invite you to bring your favorite dish to share, discuss a mind-blowing book you’re reading, and other light-hearted activities in the spirit of making friends and building community.

What We Do (and Don’t Do)

Our events include sharing circles, ceremonies, and educational courses that cover all aspects of a meaningful life: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. The fireplace is a safe space to clarify and reflect on your intentions, receive help with any challenges, and promote learning and transformation.

What we don’t do is condone any illegal activities. Before joining us, please read the following important information:

Our group does NOT encourage or condone any illegal activities, the purchase, sale, transfer, or use of any illicit substances, or partaking in any unlawful activities related to illegal substances.

We DO NOT use illicit substances in our meetups.

Please DO NOT use the group for references to ceremonies or where/how to find illegal substances, online and/or in person.

Please DO NOT bring, buy, sell, transfer, or arrive on any illegal substances or swap information on how to acquire them online and/or in-person through the group.

Anyone who disregards these basic requests will be immediately removed and banned from the group, per our zero-tolerance policy. Thank you for respecting our safe community space.

Who Can Join

We welcome you to join if:

You have questions about psychedelic substances and don’t know who to talk to.

You are just returning from a medicine retreat or need to prepare for one.

You experienced a challenging psychedelic trip and are not sure how to recover.

You want to make the most of an upcoming entheogenic journey and ensure you’re prepared.

Let’s transcend together. We look forward to welcoming you to our growing community!