Tissue Care Workshop

about this event

A 2 hour workshop that focuses on tissue care. Movers learn tissue care using a foam roller and myofascial ball. Starting off with mindful breathing, working through a protocol to alleviate tension caused by chronic postures, past injuries, mental stress or consecutive high intensity exercise. This class complements your weekly training routine and helps you finish your day with a relaxed body free of daily tension and keeping you moving better, longer and pain free. Every bone has muscle and fascia that surrounds it, and every joint has a muscle and a tendon that support it. Muscles are designed to create and maintain structural integrity in the body through proper force couples and length tension relationships. Structural integrity of the muscles produce proper biomechanics through intra and inter muscular coordination. The biomechanical chain reaction, beginning with the foot, can take dysfunction from the lower leg all the way up to the quads, hip, IT band and even the lower back. Using Tissue Care strategies addresses biomechanical efficiency within the body from the ground up. Similar to the structure of a well-built house, the foundation of the body begins at the foot and is built by establishing a sound and efficient base. The stronger the foundation, the more positive response the body will yield as a whole.