The Seeing Beyond Summit 2020

about this event

The Seeing Beyond Summit 2020 

An Event Hosted by Zen Nest and Mystic Bazaar

Saturday, May 9th 2020


**Suggested donation: $20 per workshop or $111 for the entire day**

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please e-mail for scholarship opportunities. 

The Seeing Beyond Summit 2020 is a virtual conference that will be held on Zoom Conference.

Link to join the Seeing Beyond Summit will be sent with attendance confirmation e-mail after you register for the event. 

Instructors and their Workshops

12pm-1pm – Opening to the Spirit World: Ancestors and Spirit Guides

With Madre Jaguar

During this wisdom share, Madre Jaguar will guide us in opening the doors to the spirit realm to meet our Spirit Team. Ancestors and Spirit Guides have the ability to give us perspective from a higher plane of existence, they offer wisdom in our daily lives, intercede on our behalf and protect us in times of need. Together we will learn ways to contact and connect with your Spirit Team, how to create a spiritual connection with the other side and how to create sacred space and set up an altar to honor your spirit guides and ancestors for the purpose of healing, guidance and empowerment in your current life.


Madre Jaguar is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Teacher, Birth Doula and Intuitive Artist.

Madre Jaguar has always walked between the worlds. Ever since they can remember they have experienced visions, prophetic dreams, visitations and a strong clear connection to their Spirit team. Through their healing practice, readings, classes and projects Madre Jaguar’s goal is to help you connect with the inner power, wisdom and magic that lies within, all while helping you remember your Divine origin and unique soul purpose.

1pm-2pm – Spirit Animal Embodiment | A Practical Guide For Working With Animal Allies

with Rami Abu-Sitta

Dive deep with us into the magical world of animal medicine.  In this experiential workshop you will be guided on a Shamanic journey to retrieve a spirit animal from the astral plane. You’ll also learn empowering practices to grow a blossoming relationship with these great animal allies!


Rami Abu-Sitta is a Shamanic Practitioner based in Joshua Tree, CA. He was initially called onto this path as a teenager suffering from a chronic disease and mental health crisis. Through years of dedication to the Shamanic path Rami watched as his life transformed in profound ways, and he realized his passion to empower others on their healing journeys. Rami was trained in the Incan healing tradition by Alberto Villoldo, and the Q’ero Shamans in the Andes of Peru. During his time as a Shamanic Practitioner, he has helped hundreds of clients to transform their lives from the inside out.

2pm-3pm – The Power of the Mind in Creating Our Reality

with Omeed Tabiei

The mind is incredibly powerful. Our mind processes and stores information throughout our lifetimes. 

And reality, as we know it, is created by our minds. But how does our mind create reality? Why does our reality look the way it does?  To harness our minds is to understand how power it is. 

So in this workshop, you’ll walk away with: (1) an understanding of how we create our realities, (2) a deeper understanding of how to access our subconscious mind and why that’s important, and (3) some practical tips on how you can harness the power of your mind to create your reality. 


I live by the saying – many know the path, few are those who walk it. I’ve watched my life transform before my very eyes. And it started with the awareness that my mind was responsible for creating my life, which led to intensive study – of teachers old and new. My journey of transformation has led me down many paths, all of which have given me great gifts – stories, wisdom and practices that I would like to share with you. Are you ready to take the journey to fully step into the reality that you desire and is awaiting you? 

3pm-4pm – Remembering the Sacred: A Guide to Life and Beyond 

with Natasha Pachalove

Many of us go through life lost and unfulfilled, feeling victim to our circumstances. What if there was something deeper, just beyond the veil of who you think you are, available here and now?

Ritual + Ceremony can be powerful tools to help remember your ability to live the life you want, feel supported and bring meaning to the mundane. In this workshop you will learn how to set intentions, practice with purpose, and celebrate life as Ceremony. 

You will learn why it is important to connect to a larger interrelated consciousness in these changing times of so much separateness. With curiosity and inspiration, Ritual + Ceremony can guide you to be happy and free; to know peace and to trust love. 


Natasha Pachalove is a healing arts practitioner, Red Tent facilitator and Shamanic Fusion Dancer committed to illuminating the heart centered truth existing in all beings. Natasha has traveled the world learning ancient wisdom traditions and exploring the practices of meditation, ceremony and sacred embodiment for five years. Her passions are to support others to find their voice, follow their purposeful calling and express their souls’ highest potential. She is dedicated to creating nurturing spaces where people can rediscover their inner guides to heal and remember their ability to metamorphose their lives. Natasha is grounded in her spiritual service as a Priestess ordained through the Iseum of Quimera. 

4pm-5pm – Connecting with Your Soul to Remember Your Past Lives

with DD Haeg

In this workshop, DD will guide you  to connect with your soul and teach you how to open your own akashic records to recall the past lives that you’ve lived. You may have heard the saying that the body is a vehicle for the soul, and that souls are infinite, so your soul has lived through previous lifetimes before being in the body you’re in now. The akashic records is an energetic plane where every soul’s journey is recorded. In this energetic plane, known as the akasha,  is where  memories of your past lives that your soul has lived  reside. DD will guide you to retrieve the memories of your past lives. 


“DD” Haeg is soul reader, pleasure expert and international retreat leader dedicated to helping people find their way back to Truth. She has given over 250 Akashic Records readings, taken over 800 hours of pleasure courses and trainings, and taught Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for nearly a decade. She’s the creator of the Pleasure Code™ programs designed to help those who struggle with some of the biggest soul blockers: fear, stress and overwhelm. A single mom of two, her current obsessions include ordering books from Amazon on Mary Magdalene, drinking celery juice and learning tricks on a trampoline. 

5pm-6pm – Permaculture: Integrated Design

with Robert Leal

Learn how to apply permaculture design in your own garden. These principles can make your garden easier to maintain and a more productive. Join our Facilitator, Robert Leal of La Unión EcoSpirit Center in learning the basics of designing and maintaining your home garden through the lens of regenerative permaculture design. Permaculture is a holistic approach centered on the importance of working with nature. It can take you beyond gardening to a lifestyle of abundance and efficiency, permaculture focuses on relationships and their impact rather than individual elements.


Robert Leal is a working to create a more just society through community action and organizing. He has been designing and planting gardens for over 15 years in both rural and urban environments. He currently Teachers Permaculture Design at Mountain West Montessori School in El Paso Texas. Robert also facilitates permaculture design courses at La Union EcoSpirt Center in La Union New Mexico. 

6pm-7pm – Magic, Medicine, and Memory: An Introduction to Sacred Beekeeping

with Karla Michelle Capacetti-Quintan

Honey bees are sacred allies that have been woven into the fabric of our human beeingness for millenia. They are keepers of ancient Earth wisdom and guides into the unseen but deeply sensed spirit realms. Their very existence is one devoted to magic, medicine, and memory. In practice, Sacred Beekeeping involves an exploration of symbol, ritual, animism and much more. In this introductory workshop, Karla Capacetti of Apis Apythiakary will offer insights she has gathered from the mythstories of the bee, the many gifts of the hive, and the various styles of bee-centric apiculture to inspire your own Sacred Beekeeping journey! 


Karla Michelle Capacetti-Quintana is a modern day Melissae (Bee Priestess) and a practicing beekeeper, dreamer, herbalist, yogi, frame drummer, and poet infinitely inspired by the honey bee. She is an initiate within the Shamanic Way of the Bee known as the Lyceum based at the Sacred Trust in England and a Rahibe within the College of the Melissae Center for Sacred Beekeeping in Oregon. Karla uses her intuition to tune her many senses towards the archetype of the honey bee to fulfill her mission of midwifing the Earth and all of her children into a new world and way of beeing.

The goal of the Seeing Beyond Summit is to provide practical tools to navigate through challenging times.

We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, May 9th from 12pm-7pm PST. 

With love and gratitude.