about this event

Join Krista Williams and Natalie Valle for a heart-opening and nourishing gathering, with guest Equine Facilitator, Cassandra Ogierm founder of The Reflective Horse.

Hidden in the serene hills in Malibu, we will gather for a day of somatic work, equine therapy, Reiki, sound healing, cacao ceremony, and nourishing food.

The gathering will take place at a beautiful secluded ranch deep in Malibu.

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Somatic work is a body-centered therapy that looks at the connection of mind and body and uses both psychotherapy and physical therapies for holistic healing. 

Equine Therapy: Equine Guided Empowerment® is a unique modality developed through the life-long practice of somatic presence, spiritual curiosity and union with horses of Cassandra Ogier. 

Reiki is a sacred Japanese healing modality in which the practitioner channels qi to support healing in an individual. Vital energy flows through your body and the Reiki practitioner uses gentle touch — or places their hands just above your body — to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balance and healing.

Sound Healing is a healing modality in which the practitioner plays various instruments to administer healing frequencies and vibrations that can impact a person’s physical, energetic, and mental bodies.

Cacao is an ancient Mayan plant medicine that was used in ceremony because it has heart-opening, healing, and euphoric properties.

Schedule of the day:

10 Arrival + Check-in

10:30 Welcome Ceremony Circle

10:30-12:00 pm Somatic Work + Grounding

12:00 – 12:30 Nourishing Organic Picnic Lunch

12:30 – 2:00 Equine Work + Therapy

2:00 – 3:30 Sound Bath and Cacao Ceremony

3:30 – 4 Community Connection and Closing