What is Acupuncture

This article is by Amy Mitchell, an instructor who will be sharing at Spirit Weavers Gathering 2023

Acupuncture is one of the oldest & most commonly used systems of medicine in the world. It developed in Eastern Asia over 3000 years ago.


Acupuncture works by stimulating points on pathways, called meridians, along the body that relate to the organs and systems of the body through which Qi travels. When the flow of Qi is disturbed for any reason, there is disruption in health, resulting in pain, persistent symptoms, or illness. By stimulating acupuncture points along the meridians by inserting thin, disposable stainless steel needles, the energy is regulated, and health can be restored. Acupuncture works to restore the flow of Qi within the body and bring it back to a place of balance. This in turn can alleviate pain, resolve symptoms, and eliminate disease.

Acupuncture is an essential part of East Asian Medicine, a comprehensive system of health care with a continuous clinical history of over 3000 years. This medicine includes acupuncture, herbology and bodywork, dietary therapy and exercise based on traditional medicine principles. These therapies work with the natural vital energy inherent within all living things to promote the body’s ability to heal itself. This system of health care is the fastest growing system of medicine in the world today.

Acupuncture works by removing the obstructions in the energy channels, or meridians, in the body. Like rivers of energy, these meridians flow along regular pathways to irrigate and nourish the body’s organs and tissues. An obstruction in the movement of these rivers is like a dam that backs up the natural flow of energy, causing an imbalance that manifests as sickness and pain. By inserting needles and stimulating acupuncture points, an acupuncturist removes these dams and restores the natural balance and smooth flow of energy throughout the body, allowing helps the body to heal itself naturally.

Acupuncture utilizes the energy, the strength, the health of your system to restore balance to your whole system. Our team uses acupuncture to re-program your system and utilize the Qi of the body to open the flow of your energy to promote optimum health, balance and happiness.

Qi is your vital energy that circulates throughout the body along specific pathways that are called meridians that connect deep within to your organs, all the way to your extremities, to your brain, your heart and to the energy that is all around us. We tap into this energy with acupuncture to allow your system to rebalance itself.

Amy Sierra Bolton Taylor Mitchell, M.S., L.Ac., the founder and clinical director of Mitchell Family Acupuncture, a women’s health clinic in Berkeley Ca. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Clinical Herbalist with her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She practices medicine with joy that is rooted in her own experience of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and is informed by her over twenty five years of study and practice in the world of natural medicine.

Amy was first introduced to Chinese Medicine while in University in northern Italy, while studying Tai Chi. Her discovery and study of Eastern practices and philosophy facilitated both a profound inner opening and a coming home. When she first began studying Chinese Medicine, everything made sense. Her Northern California roots gave her a strong connection to and trust of nature, place and land. Chinese Medicine is all about a deeper understanding of the cycles of nature and this continues to broaden as she practices this medicine she loves.

Amy specializes is women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, post partum and menopause. 

Amy lives on a mountain in the Gold Country of California surrounded by tall trees, green leaves and big sky with her husband, their two daughters and their kitties, Hat Cat & Golden.

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