The New 6-week Superwomen Breathwork Program

about this event

Update: The program is already sold out. But there is a new one coming up Thursday, Sept. 10th, 4pm PDT / 7pm ET:… I’m looking forward to welcoming you there!

Make the best of the rest of this crazy year 2020 and free yourself from blocks, raise your vibration and step into your power so you can make your new exciting dreams for 2020 come true!

“All the goals that I had for this program have happened, but indirectly. Not in a conscious way. Not that I’m trying to do it, but it just happens.” – Cely Riva.

Superpower Breathwork is an active breathing meditation combined with visualisations that allow you to clear, balance and energise your body and mind in an incredibly powerful and transformational way.

This program is aimed to help you use your breath to free yourself from blocks + limiting beliefs, gain greater clarity, confidence and courage and step into your power and purpose so you can become the superwoman you’re meant to be and live the life you’re dreaming of!

Believe me or not: Women gained MORE courage, made MORE money and achieved their goals with EASE thanks to this program!

This is for you, if you want to experience a …

-> powerful boost in courage + confidence

-> greater clarity of mind + loving self-awareness

-> release of hidden energetic blocks + limiting beliefs

-> discovery of your true, authentic self

-> cultivation of emotional balance

-> higher vibration to manifest easier

-> enthusiasm for life

-> deeper connection to yourself and others

-> greater abundance in all forms

I will guide you, challenge you, hold you accountable, help you release stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore, experience bliss and peace and wonderful visions of yourself and the future ahead of you so that you leave lighter, brighter, clearer, deeply relaxed and transformed with a huge motivation to take on the world.

To keep the group intimate and supportive there are only 6 spots available so you can feel safe to share your experiences, discoveries and manifestations and also learn and get inspired by the other powerful women.

Bonus: If you sign up before end of Monday, August 3rd, you will receive a 30-min Breathwork daily practice audio with visualisation which you can use by yourself during or after the program to dive even deeper into your power.

I’m looking forward to helping you use the power of your breath to transform the rest of the year into the best one ever!

If you have a question, feel free to reach out anytime!

With love and a big smile,